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This is the view of my grandparents lake house. It's in Gun Lake, Michigan. This is from across the way from the lake house. There house is the little brown house.
This picture is of my sister Brittany(left) and me on the right. The dog in the middle does not belong to us. He lives down the street from us, but he always come to our lake house. That's because we feed him! His name is Glory.
This is our speedboat at the lake house. In the front is my cousin Collette and her boyfriend Jake. My dad is standing up. Then my aunt and my two uncles.
This is on Thanksgiving and we were all going out on a boat ride. We were also maybe going to go fishing.
This picture is my grandma sitting on the porch reading a book. She is waiting for us to get back so we can eat.
My cousin Shannon (left) and my sister Brittany (right) are tubing at the lake behind our pontune boat.
This is the first fish that my friend Leah has ever caught and she was so scared to be by it. It also was the first time being at our lake house. After she fished for a while tho, she wasn't as scared.