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Michael's Back

You check this out ALL OF THEM

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Solid Snake
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from 1 to 10 I give this game a 2 but ya got ta love shoting games so here it is
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!!!!!!!!!!!!!DONT POKE MY PENGUIN!!!!!!!!!!! ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ April 6, 2005---- Hello, How is life with everyone else today. I hope everyone is having a good life as I know I am. Today was fun I got to turn in my app to see if I get my job as a chief at the portside café, I will only be making $8.67 in hour at this job but at my 1st one I get $13 an hour  I am so happy about that one you have no clue, later today I do plain to return some old and some lost links to this page some of my old friends need some recantation to there sites and even some of this people that I use to call friend that I no longer get the honor of. But anyhow you should take a look. I will also for a limited time only be host to a great site with fun and fast game downloads you really should look over my links. Last but not lest on the side of business in about a weeks time maybe less maybe more I will have a photo album up and running with some great pictures of Oregon and WA, along with some great band pictures and the lot. It will go with my bolg as well in some respect at lest. Well have fun see you later. Later, Michael D