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01: Sakura and the Magic Book

Episode # 1:
"Sakura and the Mysterious Magic Book."
Story By: CLAMP
Summary Written By: Ichigo Kitty.

Two dream bubbles appear. There a young girl dreamed. The background was blue and black. A mysterious book soon opened in the dream, "Who... is calling out to me?" asked the girl while she was she was dreaming. There in the dream was a girl with Auburn hair and emerald green eyes standing there with a pink staff in her hand. And there was a stuffed animal by the girl. The girl started to fall then, she jumped to the tower.

"Sakura and the Mysterious Magic Book."

The girl sprang up in excitment as her alarm clock rang. "Oh, it's just the alarm clock." sighed the girl. "Sakura, breakfast is ready!" called her father from downstairs. "Okay!" called Sakura. Then Sakura started to get ready for school. 'I am Sakura Kinomoto I am in forth grade at Tomeda Elementry, My favorite subjects are P.E and Music. My least favorite subject is Math. You could say my cheerful side is one good thing about me. And my family...' that's where Sakura gets downstairs.

"Good Morning." said Sakura with a smile. Then her smile faded and turned into a glare. "Why were you thrashing in your room?" asked her brother with a smile and a glare as he turned around. "I wasn't thrashing about." said Sakura putting her bag on her chair at the breakfast table. "For that, you sure make a lot of noise." said her brother sipping out of his cup. "I was just walking like I usually do!" yelled Sakura with a glare. "When you walk it sounds like a monster thrashing about." said her brother. Sakura stomped over to Toya. "I am not a monster!" yelled Sakura upset.

Her brother put his cup on her head he was drinking out of. This is my big brother, Kinomoto, Toya. He goes to Sejouu high school. He teases me just because I'm smaller. It's so upsetting! When I get bigger I will crush him!' Sakura daydreamed about stomping on him with her foot. "Now, now, don't fight." said her father serving breakfast with a tray and sat it down by where Sakura sat at the table. 'This is my Father, Fujitaka. He's a professer at a college. He's kind, cooks, and sews. I love him!'

"There you go!" said her father. "Oh, it looks great!" exclaimed Sakura with a smile on her face. "That was good." said her brother getting up. "You leaving already?" asked Sakura. "I have morning practice today at my high school." said her brother. "W-Wait a sec!" called out Sakura. She ate up her food as fast as she could. "That was good!" said Sakura chocking down her food. "You had enough?" asked her father. Sakura nodded. "Here, your lunch." said her father with a smile giving her lunch to her.

Sakura got her skates on which had her name on her skates. "Where's big brother?" asked Sakura. "He already went on ahead." said her father. Sakura sighed as she skated after him. "See you later!" called out her dad. "Yeah, see ya!" called back Sakura chasing after her brother. "How far ahead is he?" asked Sakura outload to herself. Then, she came across the cherry blossom tree's. Sakura laughed happily as she skated through the blossoms that fell off the tree. "Ah, there he is!" said Sakura as she saw her brother riding his bike.

"W-Wait a sec!" called out Sakura. "You've could have taken a little bit more time at home." said Toya. "But!" complained Sakura. 'But, my brother always goes to school with HIM!' thought Sakura with a smile. "Oh, Yuki!" called out her brother. There stood a teenager 17 her brother's age. "Morning!" called out the guy. "WOW!" exclaimed Sakura with hearts in her eyes. "Do you have a good breakfast?" asked Yuki. "Yes." smilied Sakura. "Well, she DID eat breakfast in 5 minutes." smirked her brother.

Sakura glared at her brother and kicked him. "Ooow..." complained Toya as he flinched. Sakura noticed Yuki was staring at her so she quickly smilied cheerfully and laughed. "You are cheerful as always Sakura." said Yuki with a smile. 'This is Tskishiro, Yukito. He's 17 and goes to my brother's high school. He's a nice and caring person and I really like him a lot!' "See ya, Sakura." said Yukito as he saw they got to their school. Sakura's smile frowned as she saw her school building.

'I'm here already?' thought Sakura sadly. Sakura watched Yukito leave. "See you later!" said Yukito and tossed her something. Sakura saw that he tossed something to her and she caught it and saw it was a peice of candy wrapped. "Oh, Yukito." said Sakura dreamily as she held the candy in her hand close to her. "Smooth move." said a voice. "Wha-" yelled Sakura surprised. "M-Morning Tomoyo-chan." said Sakura as she sweatdropped. "Good Morning, Sakura." said her friend. 'This is Tomoyo Daidouji, she goes to my school, she's nice, kind, pretty and is the daughter of the presidant of a huge company.'

Sakura and Tomoyo was at their lockers. "That was such a smooth move." smilied Tomoyo. "Hoe?" asked Sakura. "The way you held that candy dreamily and looked at him leave with a loving look." exclaimed Tomoyo day dreaming. "Um, Tomoyo." said Sakura with a sweatdrop embarrased. "I wish I had a camera so could record that moment." said Tomoyo lovingly. "Are you listening?" asked Sakura as she closed her locker still looking embarrased.

'Tomoyo loves to tape me wherever I go, It's kinda embarrasing.' "Tomoyo why can't you video tape something other than me." said Sakura. "There's nothing more cute or interesting as you Sakura!" squealed Tomoyo with a dreamy look on her face. "Well, maybe I can video tape you tomorrow! La la la la la la!" sang Tomoyo as she walked off. 'But, still I think Tomoyo is kinda wierd.' Sakura was still sweat dropping nervously.

Then, Sakura and Tomoyo were in class. Sakura was drawing the animal that she saw in her dream that was standing by her. Sakura suddenly remembered the girl in her dream. "I wonder if that was me..." whisphered Sakura to herself. Tomoyo looked at Sakura's drawing. "That drawing is cute, what is it?" asked Tomoyo smiling. Then, her teacher called her to read. "Kinomoto, how about you read for us please." said the teacher. "Okay." said Sakura. "I'll tell you later." whisphered Sakura to Tomoyo. "Page 96." whisphered back Tomoyo. Sakura read aloud the page her teacher told her to.

Sakura, then got to cheerleading and did a back flip for the teacher. "Wow!" cheered the class. "Your amazing, Sakura!" said her friend Naoko. "That's so cool!" added her other friend Chiharu. "Very good Miss Kinomoto, now everyone get your batons reading to do "The toss." said their cheerleading teacher. "Okay!" said everyone.

Sakura and the cheerleading group did some high tosses. 'I wonder what's up with that dream.' thought Sakura as she did the high tosses with everyone. Then, her day dreaming got out of wack and thought saw the baton was the staff in her dream. But, it wasn't really so the baton fell on her head. "Ow." said Sakura. "Sakura is ver athleatic with the baton." said Chiharu. Naoko nodded. "But, she doesn't get like this every so often." added Chiharu. Naoko nodded again. "Ohhhh!" complained Sakura rubbing her head from the hit from the baton.

"I'm home!" called out Sakura as she got in the house. There was a note by the door, that said Fujitaka: Saying after class to teach. Toya: At school. "Dad's stayig after? He's gonna be late..." said Sakura looking at the note. Sakura then turned around and headed for the kitchen.

Sakura opened the fridge and reached for the pudding, but stopped when she heard a noise downstairs. "Who's there?" asked Sakura frightened. Sakura slowly grabbed her baton and slowly walked towards the basement door. 'Dad nor Big brother is home yet...' thought Sakura to herself. 'But, if someone's down there I'll run and call the police.' thought Sakura as she opened the door and peeked.

Sakura then walked inside than searched everywhere in the basement. But, there was nobody there. "There's nobody here." said Sakura to herself. Than, when she turned around a book was glowing on the bookselve. Sakura walked towards the shelf and took out the book and looked at the cover. Sakura gasped once she noticed something. "I-It's that book." said Sakura. Then, the seal of the book opened. "Hoee!" yelled Sakura then closed her eyes but nothing was happening so she opened them a little bit slowly.

"Hoe?" asked Sakura confused. Then she opened the book and instead of pages like you would find in a regular book there was cards. "Cards?" asked Sakura. Then, Sakura picked up the first card in the deck. At the bottom of the card it said 'The Windy.' Sakura read it aloud. "Win-" started out Sakura. "Lesse." said Sakura walking over to another book shelve with the book still looking at the card. "Windy?" asked Sakura. Right then, the card she was holding glowed. Sakura gasped surprised.

Then, a gust of wind came out of the card and blew away all the cards except the one Sakura was holding. After every and each card was blown away Sakura fell to her knees. "What is this?" asked Sakura frighted looking at the card. Then, the book glowed again. Then, all of a sudden a creature that looked like a yellow stuffed bear with wings came out. It opened it's eyes and said "Hey-Hey-Ho!" greeted the stuffed animal.

Sakura sweatdropped. "A-A plush toy?" asked Sakura. "Wow, I'm surprised you finally freed me." said the plush toy. "An Osaka accent?" asked Sakura. "Yeah, I've been in that book so long I caught the accent." said the plush toy. Sakura grabbed the plush animal. "Where's the switch? Where's the voice comming from?" asked Sakura searching all around the plush toy's body. The plush animal got out of her grip and stood on the book.

"I'm no plush toy!" yelled the plush toy. "I am Keroberous, guardian beast of the seal!" explained plush toy. "Beast? seal?" asked Sakura confused. "Yeah, protecting and guarding the cards is my-" started out Keroberous then he looked in the book. "The cards are gone! why!? why!? where did they go!?" complained Keroberous tired out.

Sakura looked at the card she kept. "This?" asked Sakura giving the card to Keroberous. Keroberous smilied bright. "This! This! This! Yes! This!" cried Keroberous with happiness. "So, where are the other cards?" asked Keroberous. "Well, when I looked the first card, and when I read windy-" started out Sakura. "Yeah, yeah." nodded Keroberous. "There was a big gust of wind..." said Sakura. "Yeah, yeah." nodded Keroberous. "All the cards blew away!" said Sakura almost laughing. "Oh, I see." said Keroberous. They both laughed together for a minute then Keroberous's smile faded into a glare. "WHAT!?" yelled Kero.

Sakura gulped down her food as fast as she could and finished in a minute. "Thanks that was good!" said Sakura as fast as she could and ran up to her room with her desert. "Where are you going?" asked her brother. "I'm going to study in my room." said Sakura running upstairs.

In a minute, Sakura came storming in. "Here." said Sakura putting it on the table. "Ah, that looks great!" exclaimed Keroberous happily. Sakura sat down by Kero. "But, I really need to find those clow cards." said Keroberous sadly. "Clow Cards?" asked Sakura. "Clow Cards, a magican named Clow Reed made those in order to protect people, but they are so powerful they can destroy the whole world." said Keroberous.

Sakura nodded. "So, I need your help to get them back!" said Kerberous pointing the spoon for the pudding at her. "Why me?" asked Sakura. "You are the one that used that Windy spell on the cards!" said Keroberous. "Y-Yeah, but weren't you suppose to be GUARDING them!?" asked Sakura with her head down. "Y-Yeah, but I accidently fell asleep." said Keroberous scratching his head. "For how long?" asked Sakura. "90 Years." sweatdropped Keroberous.

Sakura windened her eyes. "And your the guardian beast of the seal?" asked Sakura. "Hey, stuff happens!" yelled Keroberous. "The noises were just snores." said Sakura. "Besides, your still helping me, what's your name?" asked Keroberous. "Sakura." said Sakura. "Okay, Sakura stand over there for a minute." said Keroberous pointing. "Hoe?" asked Sakura as she stood up and walked over to the spot Keroberous pointed to and stood there.

"Key of the seal-" started out Keroberous a key with a jewel on it floated over to Sakura. "There is a girl that wishes to contract with you, her name is Sakura oh, key grant her the power, RELEASE!" called out Keroberous. Just then the light exploded and the key grew into a staff. "HEY, I'm not gonna be a Cardcaptor!" yelled Sakura. "Oh, yes you are your the one that used the Windy spell!" yelled Keroberous. "Well, your the one that was not guarding the cards!" complained Sakura. Then, there was a noise at the window. Keroberous and Sakura checked to see what it was.

Then, they saw a huge bird fly across the town. "Is that a card?" asked Sakura. "Yeah, probably the Fly." said Keroberous. "Ohhh." said Sakura impressed. "Come on, there's no time to be impressed let's go!" said Keroberous. "What for?" asked Sakura. "To know what it's like to become Cardcaptor Sakura!" said Keroberous. "Wh-Whaaat!?" yelled Sakura.

"Why in my P-J's?" asked Sakura blocking the wind with her arm. "So, what do I do?" asked Sakura. You use the spell I used to turn it into a staff. "O-Okay, Oh drats it's comming back again!" yelled Sakura skating away. "You have to use Windy!" called out Keroberous. "I can't!" called back Sakura. "Why not, this is part of being a Cardcaptor figuring these things out!" called back Keroberous.

"Something..." started out Sakura. I may be able to do something!" called out Sakura skating even faster. "Whatcha' gonna do!?" called out Keroberous. Then, Keroberous was blasted off by the wind and was flipped back. "SAKURA!" yelled Keroberous. Sakura then jumped onto the birds back and tumbled backward but managed to stop.

"Clow Card, become a binding chain! WINDY!" called out Sakura saying the incantations as she slashed her staff down onto the card. The spirit Windy came out and because a binding chain and pulled the Fly down as Sakura jumped off the birds back. "Return to the card you used to be, CLOW CARD!" called out Sakura as she slashed her staff down. Then, a card appeared and the fly spirit got sucked into the card it used to be in.

Sakura fell to her knees as the fly flew into her hands. "You did it Sakura!" said Keroberous happily. "I THOUGHT I WAS GOING TO DIE!" cried Sakura. "You did a great job of a Cardcaptor than I expected." said Keroberous. "I told you I wasn't gonna be a Cardcaptor!" complained Sakura. "Anyway, you did capture this card, you wanna try it out?" asked Keroberous. "Can I?" asked Sakura. "Try it." said Keroberous. Sakura smilied. "FLY!" called out Sakura as she slashed her staff down on top of the card.

Then, her staff grew wings and she started flying with Keroberous by her side. "It feels good doesn't it?" asked Keroberous. "Yeah!" smilied Sakura. "I enjoyed working with you, Cardcaptor Sakura." smilied Keroberous. "Yeah!" said Sakura. Then, her smile faded into a frown. "I told you I wasn't going to do it!" complained Sakura.