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Next Page Summary of Episode 03

The wings sprouted on her staff, and she sailed out of the room and down a corridor, Watery streaming behind her. Flapping as best he could, Kero tailed them both. Sakura had never realized how loud water could be. Water was always just there, a quiet and passive substance that she washed her face with, or swam in, or watched flowing in the creek. Before this, she'd never realized how utterly cacophonous it could be, what a terrifying roar it could create. It was behind her she knew, directly behind her as it crashed against the walls and splashed loudly in an effort to catch up with her. Parts of the force behind her was splitting off, raining down around her and trying to slow her down. She couldn't let that happen, and began to fly evasively, darting around the attacks and doing her best to fly in an erratic pattern without losing speed.

She could see Tomoyo now, waving with one arm while holding the camera steady with the other. Sakura whisked past her and shot through the doorway, zooming down the stairs with Watery gushing just behind her. Adrenaline was pumping hard in her bloodstream now, and she wondered how much longer she could keep this up. Then she realized that she didn't have to; she'd reached her destination at last. The huge solid door was a comforting presence, and she screeched to a halt before it. "Windy!"

Watery was taken slightly aback as Windy rushed forth and began to encircle the mass of liquid. It was true that Windy was far too gentle to ever overcome the aggressive Watery in a fight, but a fight was not what Sakura had in mind. Instead she threw open the heavy door and Windy swept the water through before it ever had a chance to resist. Sakura slammed the door shut again and sank to the floor, breathing raggedly. "That was great, Sakura!" Kero cheered, as he and Tomoyo caught up at last. "If you freeze water, it's easy to capture it." said Kero. "I just remembered Yukito-san saying that there was a fridge here to store animal feed. Oh, thanks you too, Tomoyo-chan." said Sakura smiling "I'm glad I could be good use to you." Tomoyo said taking her eyes off the viewscreen long enough to check her watch. "It should be about done." added Tomoyo smiling.

Sakura nodded and dragged herself to her feet again, pulling open the door warily. But the danger was immobile now; Watery glared frozenly at them with her teeth bared and her eyes menacing. "Return to the guise you were meant to be in. Clow Card!" summoned Sakura as she struck the air with her staff, and the ice sculpture dissolved in a haze of magic before being sucked toward the beak of her staff. "But how did you ever come up with it?" Kero pressed, not even waiting until the Card had floated into her open hand. "It's all thanks to Yukito-san," she murmured dreamily. His predilection for snow-cones had been her inspiration. "Yukito-san..." sighed Sakura dreamily.

Kero waved a paw in front of her eyes and got no reaction. "Oh man, even Sakura is frozen now. Hey, we even get a punch line this time!" "Oh my!" Tomoyo giggled, as she zoomed in on Sakura's expression. "Show your guts next time, too, Sakura!" cheered Kero as he lefted his paw up in the air.

-Ending Credits.