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Hello everyone I am back with another TMM fanfic! Yay! o.o; I am not sure what to write about but I feel like making another one I have some idea's in my head but --; not lots and I love using the starry things and squigely's because of Fanfiction.NET! ;-; it's no fair!And like always I am always in a lovable mood and I love anime stories espically TMM romances so this is a also a romance novel. And you get to see how perverted I am yay! o.o ahhhhh, BUT I DO NOT DO SEX SCENES THAT'S NOT WHAT I MEANT BY ME BEING PERVERTED! ::sniff:: o.O whoa! I almost glomped down crying from that yell. Anyway, I hope you like the story >.> please review.


.:Everybody Needs Love:.
.:Chapter One:.
.:Author: Cute Sakura:.
.:Minto's True Love:.

Ichigo woke up bright and early for work at 10:00 am. Ichigo rubbed her eyes as she tried to open her eyes but the sunlight just kept making her close her eyes even more. Finally she splashed some water on her face to help her wake up.

"Ichigo you awake?" asked her mom Sakura.

Ichigo yawned almost falling back asleep. "Yep." said Ichigo a little dizzy still trying to get used to this on sunday's. "Okay." said Sakura sweetly and walked away. Quickly just as she left Ichigo fell back to sleep.

"ICHIGO!" yelled her dad as he walked in looking at her asleep.

"Wah!" yelled Ichigo in surprise hearing her dad's voice so loud that she fell over on her back almost off the bed. "Dad, you almost made me fall on the floor!" yelled Ichigo as she quickly covered her cat ears poping out of her head.

Her dad looked at her wierdly as he noticed she had her hands on her head. "Does..." started out her dad. "Erm, yes dad?" asked Ichigo still holding onto her ears. 'Go away I'm tired of hiding them.' thought Ichigo. "Does your head hurt?" finished off her dad as he pointed to her.

Ichigo sweatdropped and almost fell over from what her dad just said. "No." sighed Ichigo very sleepy that she almost couldn't hold her cat ears. "All right." said her dad as he walked off. Ichigo ran up to the door and closed it just as he was gone and got dressed.

// At Work \\

Ichigo sighed sitting down with her head down hiding her face. Rettasu and the other's were all confused the same. Rettasu walked over and patted Ichigo's back. "You okay Ichigo-chan?" asked Rettasu.

Ichigo jumped up surprised with her cat ears showing on her head. "Oh, Rettasu-chan!" said Ichigo with a sigh relieved it was just her. "Are you not feeling well?" asked Rettasu. "Ah, I'm fine." said Ichigo waving her hands in front of her face showing her everything was fine.

Zakuro walked over with amusement and patted Ichigo's back. "There is someone to see you that may make you feel better." said Zakuro. Ichigo's eyes widened as she heard those words and knew exactly who it was.

"Hello Ichigo-chan." said a familliar voice behind her, she knew this voice. She quickly turned around with a bright smile on her face. "Masaya!" squealed Ichigo happily as she embraced him. "Hey look Minto-chan you said you always wanted to meet Masaya so here we are meeting him." said Purin.

Minto turned around to meet him and when she did she suddenly blushed hard and she accidently dropped her plates she was holding. Masaya quickly stopped embracing Ichigo and ran over to help her pick the peices of glass up.

"Are you all right?" asked Masaya as he picked them up.

Minto's eyes softened as she looked into his eyes as he picked up the peices up. 'He's so cute, and better than that he's nice I never thought Masaya would be this cute, Ichigo's such a lucky girl to have him.' thought Minto as she stared at him. Masaya then caught her staring and looked up at her. Minto blushed in surprised when she noticed he was looking at her. "You have to be more careful." said Masaya giving her a band-aid. Minto was confused until she looked down and saw a cut on her finger.

"Thank you." said Minto taking the band-aid blushing anymore if it's possible. Minto's eyes were gleaming with happiness she had fell in love without noticing Ichigo was glaring every second.

Ichigo ran up to Minto and still kept her glare on her. Ichigo then looked at Masaya with a worried look on her face that almost made her wanna cry she felt like Masaya didn't have any feelings anymore for Ichigo but for her worst enemy Minto.

"Masaya?" asked Ichigo just to make sure he still had feelings for her. Masaya looked at Ichigo and smilied with love and happiness. 'Yes, he does love me. What was I thinking when I thought he didn't.' thought Ichigo as she smilied happily.

Minto looked into Masaya's eyes and noticed he loved Ichigo not her. 'Nobody would ever love me what was I thinking...' thought Minto as she ran away and started to cry. "Minto!" yelled Ichigo trying to call her back but it wasn't any use she kept running.

'No one, nobody, would ever have any feelings for me!' thought Minto as it echoed it her head as more tears ran down her cheeks. Then, all the sudden she bumped into someone and fell over. "I am sorry!" said Minto trying to wipe her tears away so whoever she bumped into wouldn't worry.

Then, when she looked up she saw Kish. 'Oh, no Kish!' thought Minto as she blushed even more. "Kish? What are you-" said Minto sweetly as she looked into his eyes. "I came back to try to win Ichigo back." said Kish with a smirk.

Minto then felt a sudden rush of sadness down her spine and started to cry. "Minto?" asked Kish watching her cry. "Don't worry, I decided not to hurt you guys I just wanna maybe be friends." yelled Kish trying to make her stop crying.

Minto suddenly stopped crying and looked up at him confused. "Taruto and Pai ditched me and said they wanted to go over to their friend's house." said Kish sadly. "I'll be your friend!" bursted out Minto.

Kish looked at Minto and still saw tears comming down from her cheeks. Kish suddenly embraced Minto. Minto was surprised he accutually hugged her for the first time. "Don't cry..." whisphered Kish into Minto's ear. 'Wow! He's acctually hugging me and he's totally hot!' thought Minto.

Then, Minto put her arms around his neck and now they were on the floor. 'Wow, does she really love me? She's so cute I just have to go along with this because I just feel so lucky and I can't stop myself!' thought Kish then, he kissed Minto on the lips.

Minto was very, very surprised at this but she still kissed him back. Kish then stopped for another breath. "I can't hide this anymore at first I fell in love with Ichigo but then when I met you Minto, I decided to try to make you jealous so..." said Kish. Minto smilied sweetly up at Kish. "You sure did make me jealous." said Minto sweetly.

Kish's eyes widened with surprise but love for her at the same time. "I love you." whisphered Minto in Kish's ear. Then, Kish swapted another kiss in a matter of seconds on Minto's lips.

Then, in a minute they both heard several voices sigh 'awwww!' and a few giggles. Kish and Minto looked up and saw Ichigo, Masaya, Purin, Zakuro, Rettasu, Ryou, Keiichiro, and Masha above them.


How do you like it so far? I'm sorry if you kinda thought it was a cliffy. O.o I didn't mean to honest I tried to get far as I could! For some reason I thought Minto and Kish was a very cute couple so I brought them together. They are so cute! ^.^ I first I thought of trying to get Minto to fall in love with Masaya and in another chapter have Ichigo fight over Masaya with Minto. But, that would bring more tears there just had to be more romance! -^.^- Anyway, thanks for reading this whole chapter. If you want me to update faster you have to review the more review's I have the faster I update so please review! ^.^ I love you all!
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