Android 8
The first android created by the Red Ribbon Army that we get to see, 8 despises fighting. When ordered to kill Goku, he refuses, and teams up with our young hero. After Muscle Tower, 8 lives a peaceful, quiet life.

Android 13
The main villain of movie 7, Android 13 and his two companions 14 and 15 travel back in time to complete Dr. Gero's primary objective: Kill Goku. He faces off against Goku while the other Z warriors deal with his minions. After Trunks and Vegeta defeat 14 and 15, their power cells and CPUs are absorbed by 13, who then turns into a huge, bright blue hulk. He is defeated when Goku absorbs his own Genki-dama in SSJ form.

Android 14
A muscular android, 14 faces off against Trunks in movie 7. He is devoid of any personality, and lacks intelligence. Trunks eventually slices him in half with his sword.

Android 15
15 is a small, whiskey-gulping android that solos Vegeta in movie 7. He is generally annoyed by his partner 14. Vegeta decapitates him later in the movie.

Android 16
Android 16 is one of the oddest characters in DBZ, and he seems deeper and more complex than most characters on the show. Created by Dr. Gero as an experiment, 16 was never meant to be activated. Unlike his counterparts, he was not based on a human model and is completely mechanical. The most powerful of the three androids, 16 only exists in the main DBZ timeline. Very nature loving and quiet, he rarely ever fights unless it is absolutely necessary.

Android 17
Created for one sole purpose, 17's mission is to destroy Goku. Constructed from a human base, 17 is not completely mechanical. Initially under the control of Dr. Gero, he breaks free and kills him. Even with his creator destroyed, 17's internal programming still gives him the urge to search for Goku and destroy him. This objective is soon put behind him when he is forced to run for his life from Cell. An adept fighter, 17 makes a reappearance in GT as a villain.

Android 18
17's twin sister, 18 has identical fighting strength. Like her brother, she is also created from a human base. During her escape from Cell, Krillin falls in love with her. To 18's surprise, Krillin wishes for the bomb inside her to be removed with the Dragon Balls. They eventually marry and have a daughter named Marron.

Android 19
Android 19 is Dr. Gero's personal servant and bodyguard. He is not too intelligent or strong, but possesses the ability to sap the energy from Ki attacks and physical contact. 19's downfall is that he runs out of power and needs to refill his batteries constantly. This eventually leads to his destruction.

Android 20
Back when Goku had obliterated the Red Ribbon Army, a solitary scientist named Dr. Gero worked hard to create warriors capable of defeating this powerful boy. He toils for decades, but his work finally comes to fruition three years after the defeat of Frieza. Fearing death, he has his mind implanted in one of his androids shells, and becomes 20. Dr. Gero is responsible for the creation of Cell and all the other androids bearing the Red Ribbon logo, and like his servant 19, he can absorb energy from attacks and physical contact.

Very fast and somewhat powerful, Berter is the largest member of the Ginyu Force. Usually teaming up with Jisu for his attacks, he is still a successful fighter alone.

Son of the dark mage Bibidi, he uses the evil energy permeated by his slaves Vegeta and Dabura to break the seal on Buu's capsule. Babidi has but one aim: Get revenge for his father's death (Same motive as Garlic Jr). In a twist of irony, Buu turns on Babidi when he realizes that there's no reason to listen to him.

The most powerful magician of his day, Bibidi created the demon known as Buu to gain control of the universe. His creation manages to kill/absorb all of the Kaioshins except one, who kills Bibidi in a showdown. His son continues his great work millions of years in the future.

The father of Goku, Bardock is hit with a strange attack that gives him the power to see into the future. He learns of Frieza's plot to destroy Planet Vegeta, and attempts to stop him before it is too late. Unfortunately, Bardock proves no match for the small purple villain, and is vaporized while attempting to stop Frieza's planet destroying energy ball. In his last moments of life he tells his son that it must be him who defeats Frieza, so that a he would die at a Saiyajin's hand.

General Blue
One of the many leaders of the Red Ribbon Army, General Blue is the group's pretty boy. Unlike the other generals, he likes to use his hands rather than his troops. He is killed by Tao Pie Pie's tongue (No joke).

Bojack is a very strong villian and is not to be taken lightly. He wears a bandanna and his skin is a blue-green color, and he is the main villian is movie 9. Bojack takes over a martial arts contest and beats on the Z warriors. However, Gohan, with the aid of his father, eventually defeats this villain.

The second child of Bulma and Vegeta, Bra plays little role in the series. She looks very much like her mother, and shares many aspects of her personality. Bra serves mostly as comic relief.

Dr. Briefs
Dr. Briefs is the founder and CEO of the Capsule Corporation. He is the genius responsible for creating many of the handy devices that Bulma uses on her adventures. Everything in the series that is spawned from one of those dynamic capsules was invented by either Dr. Briefs or Bulma. Dr. Briefs plays a pretty small role in the story, and is often used as comic relief.

Mrs. Briefs
Mrs. Briefs is the wife of Dr. Briefs and the mother of Bulma. She plays a very small role in the story, but talks a lot. She has the sunniest disposition in the series, and is impecably nice to everyone. She even digs Vegeta when she first meets him. And for some reason, she almost never opens her eyes. Very strange...

The original Super Saiyan, Broly exhibits tremendous power, even as an infant. When Planet Vegeta is destroyed by Frieza, it is this power that keep him and his father alive. Before his home planet's destruction, he is traumatized by the constant crying of his crib mate, Goku, and develops an instinctual hatred of him. Years later, Broly begins his rampage on the universe under his father's command. In order to divert suspicion, Broly's father actually employs the help of Vegeta and the rest of the Z warriors to find the cause of all this chaos. Broly's grudge against Goku reveals the plot however, and after the battle Broly is thought to be destroyed. However, his hatred is strong enough to allow Broly to come to Planet Earth in movie 10, where he is finally killed. He makes a THIRD appearance when he is cloned in movie 11, and is transformed into a large gelataenous green blob.

Bubbles is King Kai's pet monkey. His job is to act as the preliminary test in Kai's martial arts training by running away from trainees and forcing them to chase him. He's a very fast, playful monkey, and he does not speak much.

Bulma is the second character (after Goku) to be introduced into the Dragon Ball series. She hits Goku (and the fish he was carrying) while driving through the woods, searching for the mystical "Dragonballs." She eventually persuades Goku to come along with her, and thought that he would make a good bodyguard. Bulma has blue hair, and is the mother of Trunks. Although Bulma has no skills as a fighter, she is a genius with all sorts of electronics, alien and domestic.

A creation of Dr. Gero's, he was assembled using the DNA from the best fighters in the universe. The project was taking too long, and he abandoned the project. However, Dr. Gero's computer remained working, even after his death. Cell was completed a few years after Mirai Trunks had destroyed 17 and 18 in his time, which Cell needed to absorb to become "perfect." Seeing there was no solution to this problem in his time, Cell murdered Trunks and traveled back to when the androids still existed. Cell eventually finds what he's looking for, and goes perfect. He holds a game where he challenges anyone in the world to fight him, or else the Earth would be destroyed. Cell is killed by Gohan with a one-handed Kame Hame Ha.

Cell Jr.
Spawns of Cell, each Cell Jr. is a formidable fighter. Seven of these little punks are created to wreck havoc on the Cell Game. They viciously beat on the Z warriors until Gohan reaches SSJ2. The Cell Jr.'s share most of Cell's abilities, but are fairly mindless in their youth. Each and every last one is slaughtered by Gohan.

A master telepath, Chaozu has the power to stop people in their tracks or communicate long-distance. Small and pale, he and Tien are the best of friends (They call each other brothers). Although he puts up a good fight in the original Dragonball series, his power level does not increase much with training; thus he is unable to keep up with the other Z warriors.

Chi-Chi is mother to Gohan and Goten and the spouse of Goku. She feels very strongly about Gohan's studies and will stop at nothing to get him to continue his work; she mainly spends her time worrying about Gohan's academics. No matter how powerful Goku becomes, he still is very subserviant to his worrisome wife.

Chii-Shenron is the Evil Shenron who was born of the 7 Star Dragon Ball when Buruma made the wish to revive everybody who had been killed by Majin Vegeta. His special ability is the power to absorb other creatures or control them telepathically. After a pretty good fight, he is killed by Goku.

King Cold
The father of Frieza and Cooler, King Cold comes upon the remains of his son after hearing of his defeat. Believing that Frieza's loss must have been a fluke, he journies to Earth in hopes of getting revenge. King Cold is stopped in his tracks by a mysterious teenager, who blows a hole in his torso.

Keeping a close watch on his brother Frieza, Cooler was sure that Goku would be defeated. After Frieza was killed, Cooler heads to Earth to finish off the last of the "Saiyan trash" in movie 5. Similiar to Frieza in abilities, Cooler can change into a 5th form, one more than his brother.

Lord of the underworld, Dabura was possessed by the dark mage Babidi to do his bidding. At roughly as strong as Cell in his perfect form, he is quite a fearsome opponent. Dabura can change his enemies into stone, and will not hesitate to obey his master's commands.

Dai Kaioshin
The god of gods, the Dai Kaioshin is absorbed by Majin Buu. Since Buu takes the characteristics of who he absorbs, he becomes fat just like kindly Kaioshin he imprisons within himself. Dai Kaioshin's spirit lives strongly within Buu, and his presence shows as Fat Buu as becomes friends with Mr. Satan.

The lone survivor of his village, Dende was rescued by Krillin and Gohan from death in the Frieza saga (although he later does get killed by Frieza). After Kami merges with Piccolo, Dende assumes the role of Kami on earth, and creates his own set of Dragon Balls. Unlike Piccolo and the other warrior Nameks, Dende is a healer. He has no fighting abilities, but posesses the power to heal others from the brink of death.

Dodoria is one of Frieza's bodyguard warriors. Dodoria is a huge pink fighter who shows absolutely no mercy to those weaker than him. Although he is fairly strong for the time he is around, he is no match for Vegeta. He also tends to only pick on people weaker than him, such as Dende, and the other Nameks.

East Kai
The only female Kai in the series, she claims to be the fastest hover-bike rider in the universe. Her students participate in the After-Life Budoukai, but don't fare very well.

Fat Buu
The demon known as Buu was created five million years ago by the dark mage Bibidi. As Buu began attacking the universe, the five overgods (Kaioshins) attempted to destroy him. Three of the Kaioshins were killed, and the Dai Kaioshin was absorbed, becoming a permanent part of the demon (and thus making him fat in appearence). Unlike most absorbtions, the Dai Kaioshin maintained some control over Buu. The Supreme Kai, the one remaining overgod, killed Bibidi, thus freeing Buu from his control. In order to prevent this from occuring again, Buu was sealed in an egg-shaped chamber and sent to the Earth. When Babidi, Bibidi's son, summons Buu, he is once again forced to perform evil acts.

One of the most powerful warriors in the universe, he runs a group of criminals who clear life from habitable planets and then sell the worlds to the highest bidder. Already untouchable in the universe, he wants to make his power everlasting. His quest for immortality brings him to Planet Namek, where he has heard of seven magic Dragon Balls that will grant any wish. As a Changeling, Frieza has numerous stages of power, each with its own distinct appearance. He has four forms total: His first is weak, but wastes little energy; the second is enormous and twice as powerful; the third looks very much like the queen from "Aliens;" and Freeza's fourth, "true" form is small again, but much sleeker (and of course, more powerful). After he is defeated by Goku, his remains are encased in a android body. Frieza operates off of Planet Frieza, where his men are stationed (including the powerful Ginyu Force).

Garlic Jr.
A short goblin-like creature, Garlic Jr. is the son of Garlic, who once challenged Kami for the throne of God. After the battle for heaven, Garlic is sent into a vast Dead Zone where he eventually dies. Wanting to avenge his father's death, Garlic Jr. gathers the Dragon Balls and wishes for eternal life. In Movie 1, he does battle with Goku, Piccolo, and Kami, and is sucked into his own Dead Zone. However, unlike his father, he manages to survive the dark and cold dimension, and returns after Frieza is defeated (thus beginning the worst saga of the TV show). Once again, he imprisons himself in the Dead Zone while attempting to send Kami's palace into the void.

Captain Ginyu
Leader of the Ginyu Force, he is by far the strongest of them all. It is not known whether the body he first appears with is his original form, as he has the power to swap bodies with other people (as he demonstrates with both Goku and a Namekian frog).

A favorite character among fans, Gogeta is the fusion of Goku and Vegeta without the Potarra earrings (by doing the Fusion Dance). He makes a short appearance in DBZ Movie 12, and several more instances in DBGT. Gogeta doesn't waste a moment in battle, quite different from Gotenks and Vegetto who enjoy taking their sweet time.

Son of Goku, he is initially trained by Piccolo after the battle with Radditz. He looks up to Piccolo for being such a great fighter, and tries to imitate him by wearing similar clothes. He has the potential to become the most powerful being in the universe, yet since he cannot always fully utilize his strength, he can be defeated. Gohan is the first Saiyan to go SSJ2, but after the Cell saga he spends little time training and focuses on his studies.

The main character of Dragon Ball, and a substantial character in DBZ, Goku is sent to Earth as an infant so he can prepare it to be sold. He could easily eliminate all life on the planet, but he falls into a ravine and hits his head a a baby. Now with his orders lost, Goku becomes a friendly boy who fights on the side of good. He's not too intelligent, but a natural when it comes to the martial arts and manipulating his Ki. By far, Goku has the most abilities of any of the Z warriors (Cell is the only character with more). He marries Chi-Chi, daughter of Ox-King; and together they have two sons, Gohan and Goten.

Goku Jr.
Appearing in the very last episode of DBGT, Goku Jr. is the grandson of Pan. He is seen battling Vegeta's great-grandson in a tournament. Even with very little Saiya-jin blood, Goku Jr. can still go SSJ like the best of them.

Goten is the second son of Goku and Chi-Chi. He and Trunks spend most of their time together, and are very good friends. Goten exhibited high power when he went Super Saiyan at the age of seven. He bears a very strong resemblance to Goku, and wears a miniature version of Goku's karate Gi. Goten is usually happy, but has a habit for throwing tantrums to get something he wants.

Gotenks is the creature that results after Trunks and Goten perform the fusion dance. He has a tendency to over-dramatize the situation a bit (alright, a lot), and makes up names for all of his attacks. Since Gotenks is young and naive, he believes that he can defeat anyone. Most of his assaults are incredibily stupid and ineffective, but he'll squeeze in a few that do some damage.

Another of King Kai's pets, Gregory is a small cricket-like creature that can fly very fast. Goku is challenged to hit him on the head with a mallet, but it proves to be quite difficult. Gregory eventually gets what's coming to him.

The weakest member of the Ginyu Force, he makes up for his lack of strength with his ability to manipulate time and space. Able to read minds and control objects with his mind, he can easily topple a much stronger foe. He is decapitated by Vegeta after nearly shish-kebobing Gohan and Krillin.

Hildegarn is described as a giant eternal demon who has terrorized the universe for centuries. In DBZ Movie 13, the story is told that he devastated the home planet of that movie's heroes, Tapion and Minosha, nearly exterminating their race. Since Tapion's people lacked the power to destory Hildegarn, they used a magical song, played by Tapion on his ocarina, to temporarily control Hildegarn and split him into two etheric halves. When this was done, they sealed Hildegarn's top half into Tapion and his lower half into Tapion's brother Minosha. In Movie 13, the box which contains all of this is opened on Earth, thus releasing Tapion and allowing for Hildegarn's great escape. In the end, Hildegarn is killed when Goku debuts his awesome Dragon Fist.

Ii-Shenron is born from the 1 Star Dragon Ball. Near the end of Dragon Ball GT, he fuses with all seven of the Dragon Balls to become the most powerful of the Evil Shenrons. He gives Goku and Vegeta the greatest fight of their lives, and forces them to fuse into SSJ4 Gogeta. Ii-Shenron proves his great power quite conclusively by lasting 20 minutes with Gogeta, at which time the fusion wears off and it's back to Goku and Vegeta. He is the only enemy in the entire Dragon Ball legacy to accomplish that feat (Fat Gogeta does not count). However, Ii-Shenron's stubborn refusal to expire comes to an end when he is destroyed by Goku's Chou Genki-dama.

The villain of movie 12, Janemba starts as a very playful fat apparition, looking a lot like the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man. This seemingly harmless form becomes a smaller red-colored demon with a nasty sword. He takes fighting more seriously and loses his jestful nature. Janemba is incredibly powerful, and neither Goku nor Vegeta can beat him at full strength.

of the odder members of the GinyuFforce, Jisu has fairly well-rounded abilities. Not extremely fast or powerful, he makes up for it with the careful balance he has between the two. He and Berter normally team up to form their attacks.

Sent to planet Earth when his homeworld Namek was about to be hit by a comet, Kami created the Dragonballs on the new world. He wanted to be pure good and so he purged his evil and 'impure' side. Unfortunately, his evil thoughts formed into Piccolo-Daimao. They have a spiritual link, so if one of the two dies, both of them die. As the guardian of Earth and creator of the Dragonballs on Earth, Kami plays a key role in the story.

Grower of the rejuvinating senzu beans and guardian of the holy water, Korin lives in a tower that hangs just below Kami's lookout. Being weak physically, Korin is quite wise and intelligent. (Yet quite submissive if scratched under his chin). We see him little, but helps out quite often with his senzu beans.

Possesing little physical power, Supreme Kai's assistant Kibito has the ability to transport himself and others to any other part of the universe. He serves Supreme Kai unquestionably, and eventually fuses with his master with the Potara earings.

Kid Buu
Also known as "True Buu." This form of Buu is completely insane. He fights for nothing, loves to dish out pain, and hates to lose. Without any influence from the kindly Dai Kaioshin left in him, Kid Buu is unhindered by remorse or emotion. This allows him to fight harder, and makes him an even tougher adversary than Super Buu at his peak.

Krillin is the most powerful human on Earth, although his abilities are still dwarfed by Goku and Gohan. He was once Goku's rival when they were young, but they later became best friends. A Buddhist monk, he shaves his head by choice (#18 convinces him to grow some hair later in the series). Kuririn is willing to sacrifice his life for Earth (and he has many times), and whenever possible he is at Goku's side.

Ledgic is the personal bodyguard of Don Kea, the ruler of the Planet Imegga. This is the first planet that Goku, Trunks, and Pan travel to in the early days of Dragon Ball GT. Upon their arrival, Ledgic confronts Goku and attempts to barr him from the planet. He gives Goku quite a beating, and it appears that the battle is about to be over, when Goku transforms into SSJ and swiftly defeats the Imeggan warrior.

Lunch changes back and forth from a kindly girl to a hate-filled gangster when she sneezes. During Kame-sennin's training of Goku and Krillin, she serves as a cook. However, her frequent transformations often put them in great danger. All in all, Lunch can be one tough bitch.

A servant of Pilaf, she serves him without question (Unless Pilaf is going to do something very stupid, which often happens). Although Mai could easily take on Pilaf physically, Pilaf has an army of machinery and traps that he uses to keep her in line.

Marron is the daughter of Krillin and Android 18. She is born very late in Dragon Ball Z, and plays a small role in Dragon Ball GT. In the anime, Marron is named after Krillin's girlfriend of the same name from the Garlic Jr. Saga of Dragon Ball Z (this is a Toei add-in, Kuririn has no girlfriend prior to #18 in the manga).

Master Roshi
A dirty old man who took a potion that granted him eternal life (or so he claims), Master Roshi is a master at the martial arts. However, Roshi normally spends his time trying to get a peek at women (He owns the world's largest pornography collection). The first person to train Goku and Krillin extensively, Roshi is responsible for their great strength at such an early age.

A giant killing machine, Metallic is a parody of the Terminator. He does battle with Goku in Muscle Tower, and loses once his batteries run out.

Metal Cooler
After being blasted by Goku into the sun, Cooler's remains are found by the Big Ghetti Star in movie 6. Assimilating his brain into itself, the Big Ghetti Star was now controlled by Cooler. Unable to fight in his badly damaged state, Cooler used the giant metal planetoid to create metal clones of his original form. These replicas, known as Metal Cooler's, can regenerate from a reserve of metal in their bodies. Flaws in the Metal Cooler's are instantly corrected when they are found, making each robot a very formidable opponent.

Tapion's younger brother, Minosha plays a role in a flashback in movie 13. He is possessed by Hildegarn's lower half, and loses his battle to the monster. Goku avenges him later in the movie.

Nappa is Vegeta's partner when they come to Earth. His power level (at the time) is far greater than any of the Z fighters. Nappa is, along with Vegeta, an Elite class Sayain. He is very tall and very buff, especially in comparison to his partner. Nappa is also very stubborn, and not very smart. This makes Vegeta angry. Once Nappa is crippled by Goku, Vegeta kills him, in honor of the Saiyans.

The strongest warrior-type Namek on his homeworld, Nail is the bodyguard of the Great Elder. He looks almost identical to Piccolo, but his personality is very different from the demonic Ma Jr. Frieza easily takes him out with only one arm, but Nail succeeds in delaying the villain as Gohan, Krillin, and Dende make their wish.

A tough competitor in the 21st Budoukai, this guy means business. Namu's homeland is stricken with drought, and he needs the prize money to bring water to his village. He is defeated by Goku. Namu later gets the water he needs from Kame-sennin, who gives him two large containers that can be filled with water to bring back home.

North Kai
One of the four gods of the galaxy where Earth resides, North Kai lives at the end of Snake Way on a tiny planet with tremendous gravity. Always confusing the Z warriors with his horrible puns, he's an excellent martial arts teacher (Although his methods are rather unorthodox). He lives with his pet monkey Bubbles and pupil Gregory. Using his antenae he is able to locate and communicate with others from a great distance, and often gives the Z warriors helpful advice.

Though Oolong may change into any form he wishes, he can't really fight in any form. He doesn't aquire any special skills from what he transforms into, and he can not stay disguised for more than five minutes. In a fight Oolong is more of a spectator than help, he is considered a coward. He's also a quite a pervert, always trying to get a peek at women, especially Bulma.

Ox-King, Goku's father-in-law, appears here and there throughout the series. He knows Kame-sen'nin because he had trained with Grandpa Gohan (Goku's foster grandfather) under the perverted Turtle Hermit. We usually get to see him verbally abused by his own daughter, Chi-Chi.

West Kai's best student, Pikon battles his way to the final round with Goku in the After-Life Budoukai. Nearly Goku's match, he is eventually defeated. Pikon is a collected individual, and rarely shows anger. He makes a cameo in movie 12, where he is given the task of cursing at Janemba's giant jelly prison to free King Yama and the rest of Heaven.

Pan, also known as Pan-Chan, is Goku's granddaughter. She is the most powerful female in all of Dragonball. Pan is 1/4 Saiyan, and she is Gohan and Videl's daughter. Pan is very adventurous, and can get into trouble, usually with Trunks and Chibi Goku. Trunks, Goku, and Pan go everywhere together, she is the little sister they never had.

The father of Broly, Paragas is saved by his infant son's latent powers when Planet Vegeta is obliterated. Only an average warrior, he relies on his brain-washed son for protection. He asks Vegeta to rule "New Vegeta," thus occupying our prince Saiyan and masking Paragas' true plan of universal domination.

The Piccolo in the DBZ series is the sole offspring of Piccolo-Daimao from the original. Like his father, his intentions are evil. However, when Radditz threatens the Earth, he turns to the side of good and helps Goku. He later trains Gohan, and the kid helps Piccolo become a good, well-meaning person. Capable of regenerating body parts and manipulating his size and shape, Piccolo is a formidable fighter.

When Kami looks to become Earth's next God, he has to purge himself of all evil. Through a great personal battle, the Namek splits into two creatures: one good, one evil. The evil half becomes Piccolo-Daimao, a power-hungry being who craves destruction. Sharing Kami's life-force, he is unable to kill his twin without erasing his own existance. Piccolo-Daimao becomes Goku's primary adversary after the Red Ribbon Army is wiped out. When he is defeated, the evil creature coughs up a single egg, passing his life essence (and spiritual bonds) to it.

Greedy and Childish, Emperor Pilaf only wants one thing: to rule the world. Using his wealth, he creates machines and fortresses which he uses to find and safeguard the Dragon Balls. Although he does come very close on many occaisions, Pilaf never is able to get his wish granted to become ruler of the Earth.

Mr. Popo
Mr. Popo is Kami's best friend and assistant. Although he does not look like much, he is a powerful fighter. He wears a white turban with an oval shaped gem in the center, and travels sometimes by means of flying carpet or teleportation.

Porunga is the Eternal Dragon of the Namekian Dragon Balls. His first appearance is in Dragon Ball Z during the Frieza Saga, when he is summoned by Dende, Gohan, and Krillin. He is a fantastically massive, muscular dragon with the power to grant three wishes as opposed to one wish like Shenron.

Yamcha's pet and close friend, Puaru aids him in robbing people that cross their desert. Unlike Oolong, who can only shape-shift for 5 minutes, Puaru can change for as long as he wants (He graduated shape-shifting school). Like Oolong however, his power does not increase when he has changed into another form. Even with the ability to fly (another skill Oolong lacks), Puaru is normally just on the sidelines when a fight breaks out.

Sergeant Purple
A master at the martial arts, Sergeant Purple faces Goku in the Muscle Tower. He has an enormous pornography collection, rivaling Master Roshi for the crown of world's most perverted man. He uses many tricks in battle, and hardly ever fights face to face.

San-Shenron is the beast that pops out of the 3 Star Dragon Ball. He is associated with ice and freezing. He is one of the tougher Evil Shenrons, and really beats on Goku pretty hard until the great Saiyan obliterates him with his Ryu Ken.

Mr. Satan
Sporting a large fro, Mr. Satan is the strongest man on Earth who cannot manipulate ki. After taking credit for defeating Cell, he becomes an international sensation (Although we all know that Goku and Gohan are the true heroes). A coward by nature, Mr. Satan relies on his luck and loads of money to defeat his opponents. He has a single daughter named Videl, who becomes much stronger than her father.

Shen is an incredibly lucky fighter. He doesn't show any mastery of the martial arts or Ki, but manages to defeat many powerful opponents by "luck." For instance, he head-butts Yamcha in the groin while getting up after a fall. Eventually Shen reveals that he is actually Kami in disguise. After Kami's spirit leaves Shen's body, he returns to a very surprised family.

Shenron is the eternal dragon of the Earth Dragon Balls. He is summoned many times throughout the Dragon Ball series. Shenron is the dragon responsible for granting many pivotal wishes in the series, including: Oolong's wish for women's panties; restoration of Piccolo-Daimao's full power; revival of Goku for the fight with Vegeta and Nappa; Bulma's wish to revive the people killed by Majin Vegeta; and the revival of Bora. Shenron splits into the seven Evil beings in the Evil Shenron Saga of Dragon Ball GT. He merges with Goku at the end of GT, granting him ultimate power.

Another of Pilaf's servants, Shu dresses up in a ninja costume and aids Mai when she is given a task. He looks as tame as he fights, and often times he foils Pilaf's plans.

Slug is the main villain in DBZ movie 4. Unlike Piccolo, he did not split into two beings when his spirit was tainted, and became pure evil. Slug is very old at the beginning of the movie, but becomes young again when his wish is fulfilled by the Dragon Balls. When he takes some damage from the Z warriors, he reveals his ultimate form. Slug becomes a giant Namek comparable in size to an Oozaru. Like most movie villains, the Z warriors kill him off.

South Kai
An arrogant god, the Kai of the South has a rivalry with the Kai of the North. Of course, Goku's strength completely outmatches his best student, Papoi.

Super Buu
Super Buu comes into existance after Thin Buu eats his Fat adversary in chocolate form. Since Fat Buu is imprisoned within this new being's body rather than sharing it, his personality does not have as much influence over the host. This is a much nastier Majin Buu. Super Buu eventually absords Piccolo, Gotenks, and Gohan. As you can see, he possesses an innumerable list of techniques from his acquisitions (Obviously, he does not use all of them in the series).

Suu-Shenron is the Evil Shenron born of the 4 Star Dragon Ball when Piccolo-Daimao wished for his full power to be restored. This Evil Shenron is associated with the sun and fire. Just like his other homefries, Suu-Shenron beats on Goku for a while before the Saiyan hero cripples him. Even after taking this devastating blow, Suu-Shenron somehow keeps on kicking, but is killed by Ii-Shenron when he refuses to double-team Goku.

Tao Pie Pie
A deadly assassin hired by Commander Red, Tao Pie Pie fights for one thing: money. He will flee a battle if he feels it is out of his favor. After being defeated by Goku, he disappears for a bit, and returns to fight in the 23rd Budoukai. Tao Pie Pie invests in mechanical limbs, hoping they will give him the edge in a fight. After his defeat (again) at the hands of Tenshinhan, he goes into hiding for several more years. Tao Pie Pie makes his return in the Cell saga as a henchman for a rich coward who is forcing a village to build a protective dome. When Gohan confronts him, Tao Pie Pie realizes who he's dealing with and runs off.

Possessed by the demon Hildegarn, Tapion is a master with his sword. His strength is nothing when compared to Goku, but he unobjectionally sacrifices his freedom in order to keep Hildegarn at bay. Tapion is strikingly similar to Link from "Ocarina of Time," right down to the sword and ocarina. The blade that he wields is handed down to Trunks after Hildegarn is vanquished (Yes, the continuity makes no sense, but hey, this is one of the movies we are talking about here.)

Little is known of Tarles' origins, other than the fact that he is a Saiyan, and looks an awful lot like Goku. He could be his brother, a cousin, or even a clone; it is still unknown to this day. He comes to the earth with his cronies in movie 3 and plants the Tree of Might to sap the Earth's life force for himself. Tares admires Gohan, and even attempts to force him into servitude. Like all movie villains, he is eventually vanquished by the Z warriors.

Tein is Chaozu's chief bodyguard. His powers revolve around deception and multiplying various body parts. Tein is the developer of numerous techniques such as the Taiyoken and Kikoho. The "three-eyed man", even though he makes few appearances later on, still plays a decent roll in Dragonball.

Thin Buu
When two thugs shoot Mr. Satan in the heart, Fat Buu releases his evil, forming his opposite, Thin Buu. A being of pure evil, it is identical to its innocent counterpart in all but appearance. This form does not last very long, as Thin Buu soon devours his better half.

Trunks is the first child of Vegeta and Bulma. There are two Trunks' in the DB universe: Future Trunks and Chibi Trunks. "Future Trunks" comes from a parallel universe 14 years in the future where evil androids rule the Earth. He goes back in time after the death of Frieza to prepare the Z warriors for the androids' arrival. So as not to prevent his own birth, he tells no one of his heritage, except Goku. "Chibi Trunks" is born a little before Future Trunks returns to his own time. He likes to hang out with Goten and they are very good friends. When he and Goten are together, he has a tendency to get them in trouble. Trunks is also sad that he does not have a brother like Goten does (Gohan). Trunks has purple hair and displays extreme levels of power, he reaches Super Saiya-jin when he is eight. Despite Trunks' ability to get Goten and himself in trouble, he means well.

Uub is the good-hearted human reincarnation of Majin Buu. He inherits Mr. Satan's title of World's Greatest Fighter, and faces Goku at the 28th Tenkaichi Budoukai. At first, he appears not to have any great power, but Goku enrages him and he begins to fight with tremendous strength, to the point that he actually hurts Goku with a kick to the arm and strike to the chest. Goku trains with him for several years after the tournament, and he plays a fairly large role in DBGT.

Uu-Shenron is the massive spawn of the 5 Star Dragon Ball when the wish was made to revive Goku for the fight with Vegeta and Nappa. The biggest of the Evil Shenrons, Uu-Shenron puts up quite a battle. His power to manipulate electricity proved to be quite a weapon against the Z Warriors, but just like all the other Evil Shenrons, he was overtaken and destroyed by Goku.

Born on the planet bearing his own name, Vegeta has the bloodline to become a super-elite Saiyan. A henchman of Frieza, he is regarded as one of the greatest fighters in the universe. Along with Goku, Radditz, and Nappa, Vegeta is one of the only Saiyans to survive the destruction of his homeworld. He is extremely jealous of Goku's superior fighting ability, and actually helps him from time to time so that he still has someone to compete with. Vegeta craves nothing more than ultimate power until the very end of DBZ.

Vegeta Jr.
Making a cameo in the very last episode of DBGT, Vegeta Jr. battles Goku Jr. in a futuristic arena. Like Goku, he is also able to attain SSJ.

With the use of the Potara earrings, Vegeta and Goku become Vegetto. Although he is not as arrogant as Gotenks, he does waste a lot of time, and his opponents often take advantage of this. The fusion is supposed to be permanent, but the laws of physics change once they enter Kid Buu. Vegetto differs from Gogeta, as Vegita is the dominant form in the fusion.

Videl is Gohan's girlfriend and attends the same high school as he does. Gohan teaches Videl how to fly and fight, and she often helps the Great Saiya-man in his rounds. Chi-Chi wants Videl to marry her son, and does not hide her intentions. Videl and Gohan everntually marry, and have a baby girl named Pan.

West Kai
The Kai from the West end of the galaxy always has something to prove. His best student, Pikon, is almost as powerful as Goku himself. He constantly boasts that his warriors are the best in the galaxy, but is proved wrong (though just barely) in the After-Life Budoukai.

Dr. Wheelo
Dr. Wheelo is the main villian in the DBZ movie, World's Strongest. He is a genius brain that had been preserved by his loyal assistant. He planned to get himself transfered into the strongest body in the world, which he thought was that of Master Roshi, but in fifty years, Goku became the strongest. He held Goku captive, hoping to be able to transfer his knowledge into Goku's body. Dr. Wheelo, in his mech form, is more powerful than the Z fighters combined.

Although fearful and glutenous, Yajirobe is unsurpassed by anyone in sword control. His blade mastery hardly makes up for his inability to control his Ki or even to fly, yet it does come in handy when all else fails. Living at Karin Tower, he is often the deliverer of senzu beans to the Z warriors.

Yamcha is first introduced as a desert bandit that robs people as they pass through his wasteland abode. When he comes upon Goku and friends, he finds out about the Dragonballs and tags along so he can make a wish. (He gets very nervous around girls) However, he gets used to Bulma on their journeys, and loses his fear of women. He and Bulma are together for most of Dragonball and half of DBZ. Yamcha does not train much after the encounter with the Saiyajins, yet remains capable fighter.

Zarbon is Frieza's right-hand man. He is somewhat of a flamboyant pretty-boy, but has the strength to back it up. Zarbon is extremely powerful, and when he is outmatched, he has the ability to transform into a huge, brutal monster.