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8.4.03 Grand Opening of Angel Gurl! *screams* Not very fond of the layout, but it will do for now.

Angel Gurl

Hey there and welcome to Angel Gurl, my little fanlisting to support all webmasters and webmistress' who are just crazy about Belldandy (from Ah! My Goddess).

The reason why I created AG was simply because I am just crazy about how beautiful Belldandy is and I love Ah! My Goddess. I thought that other people where crazy about it too. Not only that, I wanted to make another website, but this time I didn't want to make one about an anime show. No, I wanted to make a clique. Well, here it is. You like???

About Ah! My Goddess

Ah! My Goddess is about the relationship between Morisato Keiichi, a student at Nekomi Institute of Technology (NIT) and the goddess Belldandy. The two are brought together after Keiichi got hungry one evening, and called out for some food. He dialed the wrong number and got the Relief Goddess Office by accident. From out of the mirror appears Belldandy, offering to grant Keiichi one wish "no matter what it is...".

Keiichi, anxious over his difficulties in getting a girlfriend - he's a little short - wishes for someone to stay with him forever. Someone just like her. Belldandy innocently interprets this as Keiichi wishing for her to stay with him forever. Unfortunately, Keiichi lives in a men-only dorm, so he got thrown out when his sempai returned. Eventually he and Belldandy settle for an old temple...

The Angel Belldandy

Belldandy is the first of the RGO [Relief Goddess Office] goddesses that we are introduced to. She is very pretty, with golden/light brown hair and triangular markings underneath her kind, blue eyes. Her forehead bears one of the characteristic goddess marks. Belldandy's domain is The Present and she uses the mirror as a link between our world and Heaven. In terms of earth years, she's about 21 years old. She is classified as a First Class goddess, Second Category, Unlimited. Belldandy is very fond of Darjeeling tea, as well as the "Prince Of Wales" chocolate brand.

Rules, rules, rules. . .

Yes there are some rules you'll have to follow. Now, if you don't follow all of the rules then you are not going to be added to the list. Gomen, but that's how it all works.

1.) You have to be a fan of Belldandy
2.) You don't need a webpage to join, just a working e-mail address and your country
3.) If you do have a webpage, grab a code and link back to It also must be in a place where I can find it.
4.) If you choose to use an image code, you MUST upload it to your own server. In other words, NO direct linking.
5.) Where it says "Keiichi-san" type in "kami-sama". So I know that you've read the rules. Thanks

More Rules

Fill out the form to your below. I'll check your site (if you have one) whenever I receive it. The fields with a * are required. Now here's the deal, if I don't send you an e-mail back saying that you have been added to the list of members in over a week, then you probably didn't follow the rules. Also, click the "I'm Ready" button only once. If you click it twice then it might not work. Now go and fill out the form. If the form doesn't work then e-mail me the info @






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NOTE: Pleez upload these pictures onto your own server. Thank you

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