Sendo Akira

Age: 16 - 17
Grade: 2nd
Height: 190 cm (6'3)
Weight: 79 kg (174 lbs.)
Position: point guard (PG)
Jersey no.: 7

Sendo Akira, Ryonan's ace player.

Unlike most of the other guys of Slam Dunk, Sendo is an open and friendly player off and on the court. His always smiling countanance just serves to get on Hanamichi's nerves and Rukawa doesn't like him because Sendo plays better than he does.

Very mature guys. *sigh*

Despite all this, Sendo still tries to be friendly with them, and does like them because they forced him to play at 100%. Sendo is so good at basketball that he rarely has to play over 50% in games, so you can imagine how pleased he is to finally have something to break the monotony.

Sendo is easy-going, well-liked guy who enjoys fishing, either alone or with a friend.

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