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Prayer Concerns

Focus on China
Capital : Beijing
Population : China has more than one billion people. It has the largest population in the world.

Religion : Communism teaches that the government is the answer to people's problems, not God. In the 20th century, the communist government in China tried to get rid of Christianity. It was against the law to spread the Good News of Jesus. Few Chinese people owned Bibles.

Missionaries from other countries are still illegal in China. Today about half the people in China do not follow any religion. About 40% follow Buddhism or Chinese traditional religions. But millions are coming to Christ every year! The majority of Chinese Christians worship in house churches not approved by the government. In some parts of China, police raid house churches, arrest Christians, and take away Bibles.

Not Just a Fairy Tale

One day, Doris teacher asked her class in China to listen to a "fairy tale". The story told about two people-a man and a woman-in a garden. The teacher didn't say that the people were Adam and Eve. She didn't mention the Bible. And God was not a part of the story.

Doris had never seen a Bible, so she had no idea where the story came from. She just knew that the teacher said the story was a fairy tale.

School girls in China wear a red scarf. It is a symbol of communism. Communism teaches that the government is the answer to people's problems, not God.

Learning the Truth

When Doris was a little older, some friends invited her to a party. The people who invited her were Christians, and the party was a Christmas party. The Christians explained the meaning of Christmas to Doris, and she decided to follow Jesus! Like millions of people in China, Doris' parents did not believe in God. They were upset about her new faith. "You are just being rebellious!" they told her. Doris remained silent and did not argue. But she stood firm in her faith.

Doris learned from the Bible that the story of Adam and Eve was not a fairy tale. She wanted others in China to read the Bible and learn the truth, too. But China had a shortage of Bibles, because the Chinese government allowed only a certain number to be printed.

Smuggling God's Word

Doris began helping Bible smugglers from other countries deliver Bibles to Chinese Christians. At one time, she had five bags of Bibles in her room. People in China may get unwanted attention from the police if they have a lot of Bibles. "Get rid of them!" her parents said. "We don't want to get in trouble because of you!"

Doris delivered the Bibles on a motorcycle to a big house church. The pastor of the church, Samuel Lamb, had been in prison for 20 years because he taught people about Jesus outside of government-approved churches. He believed churches should be approved by God, not the government.

Dangers from False Teachers

"Now many more people in China have Bibles", said Doris. But there is still a shortage, and most Chinese people still have not read the Bible. Every year millions of Chinese people become new Christians. But they don't know God's Word. So they are in danger of being fooled by groups who teach false beliefs. One of the groups is called "Eastern Lightning." Eastern Lightning people stand outside Samuel Lambs's," said Doris. "They stuff CDs of the their false teachings into Christians' pockets."

Eastern Lightning members pretend to be Christians. Sometimes they kidnap people who do not believe their teaching. One of the group's false teachings, according to Chinese Christians, is that Jesus is a woman in her 30's who is hiding in China today. Of course, Eastern Lightning's beliefs and ways do not agree with the Bible. But people who have never read the Bible don't know that.

Doris believes only God can help the people in her country get stronger in His Word. She hopes other Christians around the world will join her in praying that more Chinese people will read and follow the Bible.

Would You Too like to Help?
Please Pray!

Each paragraph in the true story above can be turned into a prayer point for China. For example, you can pray for people who have never seen a Bible, or pray for children whose parents don't know Jesus. List other prayer needs you find and join Doris in praying for her country.

Something Else To Think About,

What are some of the dangers for Christians in America who don't read their Bible?

There's A Lot of Tired Kids

One of our brothers with the Voice of the Martyrs named David said he sees a lot of tired kids in China from when he goes over there to help. Parents in China are eager for their children to do well in school. Many students go back to school at night and on Saturdays to do extra schoolwork. "They spend very little time with their parents", said David. "And most of the parents don't teach their children anything about God."

Coded Text Message

"In the main parts of China, everyone seems to have a cell phone" said David, a contact for the Voice of the Martyrs in China. Many use their phones for text messaging. Chinese people send each other billions of text messages during the biggest holiday of the year-Chinese New Year.

When David visited a house church, he found out that some Christians are careful about what they say to each other in public or on their cell phones. "I was told not to speak about the house church in public, and not even to say 'God'", said David. Christians in his area are concerned that the police may bother them because house churches are not approved by the government. Some believe their phones might be "bugged."

Christians in China often send coded text messages on their cell phones. One such message said "Don't give up. The Father loves you_from creation until now and into the future. Remember we are all His children".

The message does not say, 'God' in it, but a non-Christian police officer might not understand it. Cell phones in China have the same keys as cell phones in America.

Users type their message in "pinyin". Pinyin is a form of writing that spells Chinese words using the English aphabet. The messages then appear on the screen in the symbols used in Chinese writing.

Sing in Chinese

In Chinese, "Jesus loves me" is pronounced "yeh-soo ai woh". ("Ai" sounds like the English word "eye". Pronunciations are approximate.) Sing the song "Jesus Loves Me", substituting the Chinese words for the English phrase in the song.

Baptism in China

"Jesus is real in my life and I love God", said Emily a 13 year old girl. Then the pastor baptized her as smiling church friends looked on.

But Emily's baptism was an unusual event. It took place in a swimming pool outside a city in southern China. "It was freezing cold!" said Emily. The friends who gathered around the pool were members of the "illegal" Chinese house church that Emily attended with her family while they lived in China.

The church members knew the risks of gathering without government permission. Some of the teens and young adults from the church had been taken to the police station once before. The students were studying the Bible at a secret Bible school. They hoped to become missionaires.

The Chinese police raided the school and shut it down. At the police station, one of the students took out his Bible and began reading it. "Why aren't these people scared?" one of the policemen asked another. "Because they are Christians", the second policeman answered. The students believed God's Word, which says,

"Fear not", (Isaiah 41:10).

After the students were released, they boldly continued to study the Bible. The house church continued to meet, and the pastor baptized believers, including Emily. "Pray that the Chinese Christians will continue to rise up in boldness so the light in China will influence the world," said Emily.

What is Your Favorite Bible Story?

A Christian care worker tried to ask Chinese children that question. The worker said, "I could not get any children to answer. I am not saying that there are no Christian children. But the few that I know do not have much knowledge of the Bible. Chinese officials do not like people to share the gospel with anyone under 18."

Every day, thousands of people in China become Christians. The new Christians would like to teach their children about Jesus. But they don't know how! Many of the parents never heard the name of Jesus when they were children. If you too would like to help more please visit,

The Voice of the Martyrs.

Messages from Chinese Youth,

My name is Ting. (Ting is a girl).

I'm glad that I am saved. About 20 to 25 people go to my house church. We praise God, then someone preaches. Our worship services last two-and-a-half hours. English is my favorite subject in school, I would like to be an interpreter. Please pray that I will stay faithful to Jesus.

My name is Jin. (Jin is a boy.)

Our house church is like a big family. Some people in China think Christians are stupid. They think everyone should depend on themselves, so there is no need to care for other people like Christians do. I would like to ask Americans to pray that I will be a missionary someday.

Welcome a Visitor

About 150,000 Chinese students have come to the U.S. to go to school since the 1970s. About half have attended church at least once while they were in America. (Source: Jesus in Beijing by David Aikman) Do you know somone from another country who might like to be invited to church? Do you think they would like to receive a Bible as a gift?

Show a DVD

Once a month, hundreds of Christian families in America mail Bibles to people in China who may have never seen a Bible. Visit to find out how they do it. The Web site tells how you can order a free DVD about the Bibles Unbound program to show to groups who might want to participate in the project.

Sister Kong

Suppose you were not able to use any electricity or water at your house for one day, or even for one week. Would it be a hardship?

A group of kids in China, ages 10 to 15, gathered at the house of a Christian Bible teacher named Sister Kong in July 2007. Sister Kong read Bible stories to them and prayed with them.

Four government officials came to the house. "Children are not allowed to believe in Jesus!" said an official. "And this is an illegal gathering."

Sister Kong said she did not think she was breaking any Chinese laws. But some officials in China do not want children under 18 to learn about Jesus.

The officials questioned the kids at the Bible study about their school. Maybe they planned to tell their school teachers about the kids' Christian faith. A Chinese pastor told VOM that the students are often treated badly at school if others discover they are Christians.

After the officials left, they cut off the water and electricity to Sister Kong's house! No doubt it was a hardship to have the power cut off. But nothing can cut Christians off from the Power who helps them through their struggles.

"The best thing about being a Christian is that God is with me all the time," said Lian, a Chinese Christian student. Lian has faced hardships for attending an illegal house church. "Some people in China think church is not good for kids", said Lian.

Like the Apostle Paul, Chinese Christian kids and their Bible teachers have suffered hardships for their faith. But like Paul, they understand that no hardship can seperate them from the love of Christ

(Romans 8:35-39). God is with them "all the time."

"Be on your guard, stand firm in the faith; be men of courage; be strong." - 1 Corinthians 16:13


Capital : Jakarta

Size : Satellite photos found more than 18,000 islands that make up Indonesia. But due to changing tides, many islands that are visible in the morning can disappear by afternoon.

Time : At 6:00 a.m. U.S. Central Standard Time, it is 6:00 p.m. in Indonesia.

Interesting Fact

A pair of baby tiger twins and two baby orangutans became friends and played together peacefully at a zoo in Indonesia in 2007. “This is unusual and would never happen in the wild,” said the zoo keeper.


Indonesia has more Muslims than any other nation in the world. Less than 20% of the people are Christian.

“Indonesia Christians: Will Not Give Up.”

A woman named Huta Julu and her church in Indonesia were confronted by Radical Muslims that caused trouble at the church many times.

One night the Muslims nailed boards over the windows and doors so no one could get into the church. So the congregation worshiped in front of the church. Then the Muslims poured mud in front of the church and made it hard to walk there.

Huta Julu said, “We moved into the street to worship and praise God. A Muslim mob brought knives to scare us. We were singing, ‘In the name of Jesus, we have the victory.’ As we sang, many in the mob backed up and tripped, and some fell down….Nothing can separate us from the love of God.”

The Muslim Leader

A man in a white hat led the attacks on the church. (See the man in the photo above.) The Voice of the Martyrs has learned more from this man about what happened after the attacks.

The man threatened Huta Julu during the attack. He heard her pray, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” (Jesus said the same thing about His enemies when He was on the cross. See Luke 23:34.)

Another time, Huta Julu said to the man, “If I die, you will take my place.” The man went home, amazed by the behavior of those who follow Jesus.”

A Surprising Change

The man in the white hat was the leader of a mosque. A mosque is a building where Muslims meet together to practice their religion.

“A week after these incidents with the church, I was standing on the stage at the mosque for our Friday service,” said the man. “Suddenly I blurted out the words, ‘The only way to salvation is Jesus. Jesus is the way.’ The words just came out. I did not yet know all of what I was saying.

“The worshipers were angry. They rushed up to the stage and beat me right there in the mosque.”

God helped the man escape. He got his wife and children, and they jumped on a bus that was going to another city. Christians helped his family settle in a new home.

The church members he attacked now meet in homes. Every Sunday he calls to wish them a “Happy Sunday.”

Huta Julu said, “Believe that God is here and that He walks in the middle of your problems. As you bless others, you will receive blessing.”

The Bible says, “Bless those who persecute you” (Romans 12:14). Huta Julu obeyed the Bible when she asked God to forgive the man in the white hat. Praise God for the man’s new faith. Pray for his children, who will now grow up knowing the truth about Jesus.

Comparing Muslim Beliefs and Practices


Beliefs : Muslims believe they should pray five times a day at certain times. They are taught what they should say and do during the five times.

Practices : 41% of American Muslims say they pray all five prayers every day. (Source: Pew Research Center Study) 61% say they pray every day at least once. (70% of U.S. Christians say they pray every day.)

Mosque attendance

Beliefs : Many Muslims believe they should go to a mosque to pray, especially men, and especially on Fridays.

Practices : 40% of American Muslims attend a mosque at least once a week. (45% of U.S. Christians attend church.) (Source: Pew Research Study)


Beliefs : Muslims believe they should fast from sunrise to sunset during Ramadan, a month on the Muslim calendar.

Practices : A Christian missionary estimated that half of Muslim adults fast throughout Ramadan. (Source: Understanding Muslim Teachings and Traditions by Phil Parshall)

Coverings for women

Beliefs : Many Muslims believe that the Muslim holy book, the Quran, commands women to cover their heads in public (Quran 33:59).

Practices : It is estimated that about 10% of Muslim women in America cover their heads. (Source: Asma Gull Hassan on the Beliefnet Web site)

The Quran

Beliefs : 86% of American Muslims believe that the Quran is the word of Allah, whom they worship. (78% of U.S. Christians believe the Bible is the Word of God.)

Practices : 50% of U.S. Muslims believe the Quran should be taken literally, word for word. (40% of American Christians believe the Bible is literally the truth, word for word.) (Source: Pew Research Study)

Indonesia: “My Jesus Has Been Broken”

Agus is a 12-year-old Christian boy. He lives in Indonesia. (See his photo above.) One Sunday, Agus tried to pick up his little sister from her Sunday school teacher’s house. Radical Muslims have destroyed 900 churches in Indonesia. So, church groups and Sunday school classes often meet in the homes of pastors and teachers.

But outside the teacher’s house, a group of men began to kick Agus!

The men had a Bible. “Spit on the Bible!” they told Agus.

Agus saw that the men had a machete. (A machete is a big knife used to cut crops and bushes. Machetes are also used as weapons.) The men did not look afraid to use the machete.

But Agus said, “No.” He would not spit on the Bible. Thankfully, God protected him, and Agus got away from them.

Sunday School Visitors

The Bible belonged to Norma, the Sunday school teacher. Earlier, Norma and two other teachers read from the Bible to their class of 17 children.

The Bible lesson was interrupted by about 30 men banging on the doors and windows of the house! They came in the house shouting, “Allahu Akbar,” which means “Allah is great” in Arabic.

Arabic is the language of Islam. Islam is the religion of Muslims. Muslims worship Allah, who they believe created the world. Not all Muslims believe it is right to attack non-Muslims, but those who are extreme, or “radical,” in Indonesia are doing so.

The Sunday school teachers and children knew what radical Muslims had done to other churches. “Jesus, please help us!” Norma prayed.

Attacked with a Bible

“A man picked up my Bible,” said Norma. “One of the men shouted, ‘Because of this Bible, a lot of people are becoming apostates!’”

An apostate is someone who leaves their religion. Radical Muslims in Indonesia are angry when Muslims leave Islam to follow Jesus.

“Then one of the men took the Bible and hit me in the face with it,” said Norma. “My 13-year-old daughter said, ‘Please don’t hit my mom!’

“But I felt the hand of God was protecting me. Another man grabbed the Bible and said, ‘I will burn this!’” Then he took the Bible outside, where the men told Agus to spit on it.

“Broken for You”

Joel, an 8-year-old Sunday school student, had run out of the house when the men came in. He went back inside after the men left the house. He saw that the men had thrown a picture on the floor and smashed it. The picture showed Jesus holding a baby.

“My Jesus has been broken!” cried Joel when he saw the picture.

God protected Joel, Agus, Norma, and the other children from serious injury in the attack. Norma prays they will continue to be strong in their faith. “Our family prayed together about this and asked God to take away any fear,” said Norma.

Please pray with her for Indonesian Christians. Pray that their attackers will come to know the one who said, “This is My body, which is broken for you” (1 Corinthians 11:24).

(To protect their identities, the names of some of the people mentioned above have been changed.)



Voice of the Martyrs


Kids of Courage

Newsletters for both adults and students present geography, culture, and realities of life for Christians in nations where the gospel is restricted. The 8-page quarterly provides hands on activities and opportunities for kids to participate in projects to pray for and aid persecuted Christians. For a free subscription to Kids of Courage and The Voice of the Martyrs newsletters visit,
Note to Parents and Teachers

It is highly recommended that you preview the resources before presenting them to children.

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More Than Reindeer and a Red Suit

Buried beneath the legends and tales of Santa Claus lies a story of a steadfast, godly man who refused to deny Christ—Nicholas of Myra, or Saint Nicholas. Throughout the centuries, many of his amazing stories have been told, however, few know about how he suffered for Christ.

Under the cruel Roman emperor Diocletian, Nicholas was thrown in prison for refusing to deny Jesus as God. However, he did not deny Christ. Upon his release, he continued following in the footsteps of Christ through his unreserved giving and courage.

He later met further opposition, this time from the church. After Constantine took the throne, a false teaching began to invade the church. At a meeting of church leaders, Nicholas stood up for Christ and slapped the face of the man spreading the lies. For this, Nicholas could no longer be a leader in the church, but that didn’t stop him from going out of his way to share the love of Christ by helping children and others in need.

His story of courage and generosity in the face of persecution from the government and conflict within the church is for anyone and can be told anytime of the year. By any Christian definition, Nicholas was indeed a saint. Your children will be amazed to read of such bravery and tenacity of the man behind the legend of “Santa Claus.” May their faith, and yours, never be the same!

Product Details:

Author: The Voice of the Martyrs (Written by Cheryl Odden and Illustrated by R. F. Palavicini)

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Help Stop Gay Marriage!

By now I'm sure you've heard about the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruling that is attempting to change the very definition of the term "marriage."


The Good News Praise God is that
We Are Winning!

We must battle to preserve the institution of marriage.
Please pray today!
Massachusetts is the only state left remaining that is in need of correction from the terrible error made by an activist judge!
All other states have already reversed any previous attempts made to legalize gay marriage. And Praise God for that!
We must not stop now!
Only one state is left to correct!
And ALL 50 United States can then once more return and be protected from any such further attacks by the liberal left!
Let us please all respect what The Founding Fathers wanted for our Christian nation!
Throughout human history, marriage has always meant
"one man, one woman."
But a Massachusetts court says marriage simply involves "spouses, to the exclusion of all others" - - a RADICAL NEW DEFINITION so broad and open-ended that it creates a whole host of legal issues! The RIPPLE EFFECT of this outrageous ruling will be incredible: Under state law, the legislature is OBLIGATED to take action to fulfill the court order. No matter how the legislators proceed, there will be legal challenges. Lawyers advocating same-sex marriage will try to have it RECOGNIZED IN OTHER STATES ... and the case is sure to go all the way up to the Supreme Court of the United States. Make no mistake - this is far more than simply a legal or sociological issue. America's spiritual future has much at stake, because the institution of marriage is vital to the preservation of the family as God designed it. And the legal definition of marriage is foundational to the institution of marriage - because if marriage can be re-defined by the stroke of a pen, it becomes meaningless.
So - as you read these words - we are:
* Exploring and evaluating every legal and legislative strategy possible, including possible amendments to the United States Constitution.
* Researching case law and constitutional precedent for protecting the national Defense of Marriage law and defense of marriage laws in various states.
* Working closely on Capitol Hill with Senators, Representatives, and their key aides looking at all available options to defend traditional one man/one woman marriage.
And we will keep fighting on multiple fronts - all the way up to the Supreme Court of the United States if necessary. But WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT. Will you pray? This is crucial. We are facing a financial challenge as we pursue this issue in addition to our already extensive caseload. WE WILL NOT BACK DOWN in our work to protect your constitutional liberties and your family - but we immediately need your support in order to carry on. Thank you for understanding - and thank you for your membership in the ACLJ. I look forward to hearing from you soon. As always, let us know of threats to freedom in your area by calling (757)226-2489. And tune in to our daily radio program, "Jay Sekulow Live!"

Let us Praise God at this special time of the year that we are winning the battle! Please remember to continue to keep these matters in prayer daily!

Thank You!

More Petitions

Help put an end to federal judicial activism that threatens our religious liberties. Support the Religious Liberties Restoration Act.

Sign a petition showing your support for a federal marriage amendment which protects marriage as between one man and one woman.

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National Council on Bible Curriculum
in Public Schools

Our Founding Fathers never intended for the Bible to be removed from our public schools because they knew how important it was in educating our people.

What a tragedy it was to remove the Bible and the 10 Commandments from many of our public schools back then in the 1960's. Evolution only made things get worse by making life seem so cheap, worthless and meaningless.

Thank God that is now finally starting to change! In various school districts in 37 states the Bible is now being used for education again as history and literature. With the Bible as the text book! So far over 175,000 students have taken these new courses nation wide ever since the Supreme Court ruled that allowing the Bible in our public schools is indeed legal. So far over 92% of the school boards approached with the new program have voted it in! I believe we can indeed change the course of our country and God know we really do need this! We must all work together to help make it available in all our public schools once again, and God willing I really do believe that will soon start to happen , Praise the Lord! If you would like to help or learn more about this just call


With evolution finally on its way out we can finally restore this nation once again to being a better place for all of us to live in.





Praise Reports !

Good news, praise God is that there are now some making a difference in Washington DC like on Capitol Hill with fellow Christian Leaders like Marilyn Musgrave , John Hostettler , Amway co-founder Rich Devos and evangelist Luis Palau that have been doing more on with helping like with the Statesmanship Institute program. This will help get many more dedicated Christians into political positions in the near future. In fact in 2006 they are going to begin more training for Christian government workers to think and act with the mind of Christ as they serve in DC. This is a college level program taught by local Christian college professors, members of Congress and renowned field experts. George Roller JD is planning all their outreach activities in 2006 with his staff to begin a year full of innovative ways to reach America's Leaders for Christ. Praise God! If anyone else would care to help just let me know and please keep them in your prayers as they continue to do their good work with other active ministies. Coral Ridge Centers also recently announced its plans to open an office almost right across from the Capitol in DC Thank God. They have been a very successful with working with already existing Christian Leaders and influencing others with their decisions with their massive petition programs they did earlier this year. Best of all , some of the political leaders cared so much that they even wrote back to us agreeing to help with our efforts in the future. Praise God again!


Praise the Lord! More Victories!

Many more businesses are now respecting the wishes of the majority of their customers by respecting Christmas last year!
Target again included Christmas in their TV ads.
Lowes changed their trees to "Christmas trees."
Costco said, "When you walk into our stores, you see Christmas."
Walgreens says things will be different this year with how they handle Christmas.
Sears added "Merry Christmas" signs in all their stores.
And the list goes on!

Those of you who helped are having an impact! With all of us combining our efforts we can accomplish a lot of good!
As AFA begins their 29th year of ministry, you have helped AFA Online become a large and effective on-line pro-family action site.

Such an effort has helped remind all of us, including retailers, what Christmas is all about. I very much believe that you will see more retailers get on board promoting Christmas this year instead of Happy Holidays.

More Proof that the Evolution theory is Wrong!


Another good organization I recommend fellow Christians to visit is the CREATION EVIDENCE MUSEUM in Glenrose Texas. They are in the process with helping to bring back " Prehistoric Animals " from exintion! The first animal planned in the near future is the Wholy Mammoth. There's also talk about bringing back the Sabertooth Tiger . After that Dinosaurs may not be too far off since others have recently found a T.rex with soft dinosaur tissue up in Montana! This may be the closest we have ever come to helping start a real life Jurrasic Park someday!

Now that the theory of evolution has been repeatedly disproven and there is more and more proof coming out now that man and dinosaurs coexisted this is one of my favorite organizations to share with others for learning the truth about the origins of man and disproving the misinformation taught in our public schools about evolution. I highly recomend their new TV series shown on TBN network 3 times a week now on

Tuesday evenings, 6:00 p.m. CDT
12:30 a.m. Mondays CDT and
11:30 p.m. Thursdays CDT.
Times are subject to change.

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