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Oddly Colored Cow Adoptions

Hey! It's me, Lyss. Yes, these are cows, I know it's hard to see but get over it. I kinda have this thing for purple cows and I got carried away and had too much free time before school started. That's how most of these were created. But like all the others, I've put countless hours of work into these dolls so *please* don't steal them! I know it's easy to get past the right click button but don't! If you want a doll that bad, just e-mail me with the filled out form.When some one adopts one of these dolls, I'll put them up on the Adopted page with a link to the site where they are adopted. If the doll you want isn't here, just e-mail me with the color or the team you want and I'll try do it ASAP. Thank ya lots!


Black Spotted Cow Blue Spotted Cow Brown Spotted Cow Cyan Spotted Cow
Green Spotted Cow Orange Spotted Cow Pink Spotted Cow Purple Spotted Cow
Red Spotted Cow White Spotted Cow Solid Black Cow Solid Blue Cow
Solid Brown Cow Solid Cyan Cow Solid Green Cow Solid Orange Cow
Solid Pink Cow Solid Purple Cow Solid White Cow Solid Yellow Cow