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The AniMiX CluB

This is ALL about the AniMe ain't it? NO! it's aLL about the culture of the asian, the AniMe of all asians. It's the Ani-MiX Club!! This is when u get da chance to know more of the asian culture! It's EAST MEETS WEST!!!
The AniMiX Club meets every monday in either room B117 or room B124. we meet to talk about wah's going on lately. updating our members on anime conventions, anime stores, and anim shows and mangas(books). we not only talk about the anime but we also talk about culture. Our club is raising money at school today to make money for out Thanksgiving dinner. It's an american tradition at an asian restaurant! This is what we call "east meets west"!
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3 ThinGs aBout ouR Club

  • Fun
  • Exciting
  • Cultural

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