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Magic The Gathering
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I don't play trading cards!

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Welcome to FUN STUFF. To make it straight to the point, it is a site for people who just wanna have fuuuun (and that includes boys, too) and those who wanna make fun (but you'd better not make fun of our fun art!)

So, what can you find in the site? Well we have:

HOME - what you're viewing right now
JOKES - sure to make your stomach ache, whether it's plain funny and disgustingly/maliciously funny
FAN FIC - stories starring your fave anime characters
FUN ART - anime fan art, spoofs, simple drawings, etc.
SONG SPOOFS - well-known songs in new and funny lyrics
PERSONALITY QUIZ - who's your anime counterpart? You'll find out in this section.
THE FUN STUFF GANG - just who made this awesome site (lol!)?  Find out in this page.
THANKS TO... - people and sites we offer our thanks to.
CONTACT US - comments, suggestions, violent reactions, etc.? Then CONTACT US.

What's going on in the site?

Well, the site is changing again, and you can NEVER EVER stop us! First of all, WE ARE NOW A WHOLESOME WEBSITE! No more of those adult-only things in the site. Now, THE SITE IS SUITABLE FOR ALL PEOPLE!

The site also has a NEW COUNTER! Now you'll know the number of visitors we have! Also, our homepage format is changed (again!) and we have a page for you to know about our DISCLAIMERClick here to check it out!

For the PERSONALITY QUIZ, K-ZONE Philippines, in the person of Ines Bautista, replied to our e-mail on borrowing the quizzes (yippee! good news!). Unfortunately, she said that we can't use it 'coz K-ZONE is originally owned by an Australian company and they can't do anything about it *awww!* Oh well, look at the bright side! At least we saved our necks from being sued by K-ZONE! For now, we'll just use one of Animax6's web pages. View PERSONALITY QUIZ to see it.

All right! We know that you're getting excited! Since we are already a wholesome site, we don't need that warning anymore. So click here and enjoy our great website.

Site last updated: 10/12/03 As of August 2003, you are the Counter visitor!