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"What's new?!?"  Really what is new is it "Not of long duration; having just (or relatively recently) come into being or been made or acquired or discovered" or is it simply a phrase used on the main page of a website in order to attract hits by seemingly throwing news and demanding your read the latest verdict on the latest anime. "What's New?" is hype new, what's hype? Blatant or sensational promotion of course and what won't you find on this website? Hype that's right no hype we will recognize hyped movies or OVAs and review them just as we would review any other anime they will not be merited because of plugging alone.  Now that is new! 

This is not to say AI will not feature a News section it will but news will not enter the "What's New?" section instead this section serves as more of an editor's letter or the front-end of a newspaper we hope you enjoy your Anime Ireland experience and we thank you for your support any further comments and suggestions can be e-mailed to us.