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Posted by; Sailor Crystal. Date; March 14th 2003.
Finally, A New Update!
I know, I know, I haven't updated in ages. As well, I never put up those Card Captor Sakura downloads cause the server wasn't working properly and refused to upload them, although that may have just been my computer. You'll be happy to know that as soon as I can use my own computer again, I'll upload those. In the mean time, for those who connect her using the angelfire address, yu will notice that I have finally figured out how to use sub-directories. My site is much more organized thanks to this. I'm also happy because the images have begun to work again after about 2 months of being down. I'm using webspawner for them, but soon I shall have to move them onto my actual site, so that they don't flicker out again.

Posted by; Sailor Crystal. Date; January 16th 2003.
Ok, so I haven't been on top of things lately. Gomen!!! I have to live the life of a Grade 8!! To make it up to you, I'm going to write the Sailor Moon summary, write a Card Captor Sakura summary, upload Card Captor Sakura music for you to download and tell you about something that I should have told you of two weeks ago. (See how slow I am?)
Anyway, in Canada and the United States, a manga magazine has been released. It is entitled Shonen Jump and is an english version of the very popular one in Japan, Weekly Shonen Jump. (Same name, ne?)
The first issue came out sometime back in November, (but it was the January issue, someone figure out that logic) and the second issue came out on January 7. The third issue comes out on Feburary 3.
If you aren't in tune with the ones in Japan, or you've never heard of Shonen Jump, here's a little basis info on what's going on with the magazine right now.
It's a magazine featuring manga generally directed at younger boys. (Go figure, 'Shonen') The manga featured in it presently are;
Yu-Gi-Oh! By; Kazuki Takahashi,
Yu Yu Hakusho By; Yoshihiro Togashi,
Naruto By; Masashi Kishimoto,
OnePiece By; Eiichiro Oda,
SandLand By; Akira Toriyama
and Dragon Ball Z By; Akira Toriyama.
In the next issue, they are going to start Shamen King By; Hiroyuki Takei.
If you don't already, I recommend going to a local magazine stand to buy it. Even if you haven't read the first issue, this one gives information about what happened the last time in each manga.

Posted by; Sailor Crystal. Date; January, 10th 2003.
Some Stuff
I have completed the main layout, I finally figured out what I want to do with the site! Now, I just have to put up all the pages for the site. *Sigh*.
I have an e-mail address for you to send your applications for admin to.
Get those applications in!

Posted by; Sailor Crystal. Date; January, 4th 2003.
The first layout, as you can see is Usagi from Sailor Moon. I did this because Sailor Moon is the Anime I know the most about. As you will soon see, it is also the Anime this site will feature the most of, until such time that someone who knows a lot about another Anime joins the Admin team. Until then, be prepared to see a lot of shoujo's in mini-skirts. ^-^

Posted By; Sailor Crystal. Date; January, 4th 2003.
Just Born!
I have to admit, this is my first time ever using tables, so the page may be a bit messy at first. Don't worry! I'm a quick learner. Anyway, first I'm going to focus on getting more staff because let's face it, I'm not Super Girl, I can't constantly be on the net and updating the site.
So I'm going to draft people into my staff. There are a few simple requirements that you could expect from any website.
#1 - You have to know about Anime! I mean come on.. this is an Anime site people.
#2 - You have to be trustworthy. I'm not going to give the password to this site to anyone you know.
#3 - You have to know HTML and how to make tables especially. This entire site is made from tables, so it would be kinda stupid if you didn't know how to use them.
#4 - You have to have access to a computer most of the time. If you can only come on once in a while, then I'm sorry, but I can't have you on the administration team.
#5 - You need an e-mail address. I have to be able to contact you if I have any problems what-so-ever.
#6 - This isn't a must, but it would be preferred if you had either AIM or MSN so that I have easy contact with you.
I'll put up a e-mail to apply to soon, until then work on your resumes! I need good reasons to put you on the admin team!

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