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THe NeW TwInS oF FuShiGi YuUg

A site dedicated to Amiboshi and SuboshiHi! Welcome to my site!! Thanks for the time! Feel free to go anywhere you like. If you have any problems, just send note!!
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Spoiler Warning!!Read At Your Own Risk!!! :This web page is full of spoilers (as in almost every page). If you don't want to ruin your thrill (and remain as ignorant as you were...joking!!!only joking!!!!), then I suggest you turn back. Run Away as soon as possible. I really don't know why you hate spoilers, I love them, but I respect it and anyway, thanks for visiting my site. However, if you still want to continue, then WELCOME!!! Yay!! I hope you enjoy my site. Have a nice Day, everyone!!!

Hwa!!! I'm sorry for the long update! Hehehe...I've added fanfics to the site!! Go read them here!! So, have patience since I'll go on vacation for a couple of weeks. Don't worry, I'll update as fast as I can. Sign the guestbook!!!
Guestbook is added!!! Please sign the guestbook!!!
Yeah!! I'm finished with the site!!...well, not entirely. I'll just update it. The good thing is, I've finished it waay ahead of schedule. If you have any problems, contact me. Have a Nice day and enjoy the site.
Fushigi Yuugi and all of its characters (including Amiboshi and Suboshi) are owned by Watase Yuu. I do NOT intend to own it in any way possible. This site was created for pure fun only and will never be used for commercial purposes. Names in this site are and will always remain fictional. Some pictures are not owned by me, but by somebody else. If you are one of them, please inform me to receive credit. Thanks and have a nice day.

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