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Character of the Week

Name:Kaworu Nagisa



Eye colour:Red

Hair colour:Light gray

Alias:Tabris 17th Angel

Loves:Music,Shinji Ikari,human life,singing


Appears in Ep:24 and ONLY 24 -___-

Info:Kaworu Nagisa is the fifth child, sent to NERV at Neo Tokyo 3 as a replacement pilot for the Evangelion 02 after Asuka was injuried and could no longer pilot her unit. Nothing is known about him except that he was born on the day of the Second Impact and that he posseses a great ability to adjust his sync ratio with Eva to his will, so he has no problem piloting the previously damaged UNIT 02. During his time in NT3, Kaworu meets Shinji Ikari and becames close a friend with him. Kaworu tells Shinji "I love You" he tells him that he is fragile like glass.Though it turns out that Kaworu is the 17th and last Angel.He manages to get into Terminal Dogma where he thinks to meet Adam and, uniting with him, cause the Third Impact. However he finds Lilith there instead of Adam as he thought and he realises if he lives all human existence will die,so when Shinji had followed him in UNIT 01, Kaworu asks him to end his life.At fist Shinji refuses but in the the end he gives in....

YugiL:*sobs* NO KAWORU!!!!DUN DIE SHINJI STILL NEEDS YOU!!!!*sniff*WHO WROTE THIS STUPID THING ANYWAYS??!!Kaworu Nagisa only lived in one ep!-____- I LUVED that ep!I actually CRIED!!!!*hugs Kaworu and Shinji plushie and sobs*

Mokky:He's white and I don't really get the show -___-

Satsujin:*laughs at YugiL for crying*Aw you cry like a baby.I think Kaworu had a sad life,though his love for that Shinji didn't last very long.But still if Shinji choose to kill himself,they still won't be together.