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  • ~*~InuYasha's World~*~
  • Welcome

    Welcome to our guild! Hopefully some day if we get enough memers we can have a guild roleplay! But for now well stick with contests!

    Current Competitions

  • Make a Banner! - make a baner for the guild! The best one will be the guilds official banner and the winner will receive 10k!

  • Caught advertising! - If I(_neotigergirl_) or any other council person finds you advertising youll be rewarded! Rewards are as follows!
  • Caught on Monday: Faerie of your choice
  • Caught on Tuesday: Basic Codestone of your choice!
  • Caught on Wednesday: 5k!
  • Caught on Thursday:4500np plus food of choice(must cost 500 or less ^.^)
  • Caught on Friday:battledome item
  • Caught on Saturday or Sunday: You choose one of the weeks prizes!

    Thats all for contests and competitions now!

    Council Blog

    New guild layout! You like or no?
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