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The Alternative way to view Art. All images David Shaw, 2003

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5.19.03: Well, I've been doing some computer coloring (CG for smart people) and they look alright... I use Adobe PhotoShop 7.0, and I might be getting Painter 7 or 8 soon. Anyway, I gotta update my gallery!! Man... I'm so slow lol. I'll update again later today.
5.18.03: Wow. Reloaded kicks ass. Also, you can see that I replaced my messed up mecha with my first attempt at CG! Isnt it exciting?! I'm also working really hard to get a damn guestbook online. It's really hard using only HTML...
5.17.03: Sorry I havent posted for a few days, but someone broke into my house and I kinda had to deal with that. As you can see above I did a mecha sketch, and I know, I know..: it looks awful. However! It's really not that bad for a first attempt! Also, try to right click on my page.. I dare you! Nice security measure, eh? :-)
5.15.03: Well, we're back on Angelfire but with a new account. Eh, it should still work. I need the remote linking that Angelfire provides.
5.13.03: Well, I got TWO new images, so wooohooo I know you like it. Anyway, I'm not in the mood to make any entries, but I hope you've seen the shiny new image that took the place of the blue thingy.
5.11.03: Well, tonight I'm gonna post some images that I did for the PolyKarbon Forums and post it in my Gallery. My Gallery page should be up soon...
5.10.03: Obviously we've undergone a server change, but we've survived!! I finished with standardized testing so alot of good images should be up really soon! All of tomorrow I'm in L.A. at some huge party thing, but then in the evening I'll publish the fruits of my labors... of the whole weekend. I've been experimenting with Manga and Anime styles alot, so you should see a definate change in my artwork. I'm also gonna put up the Gallery Page unless I have a sudden change of heart. Anyway, good night for now, and I'll look forward to posting some new work for you tomorrow.

[Evening of 5.07.03: How embarrasing... or should I say annoying? I found a problem in my scanner/photoshop that made the background paper of all my images look grey-ish. That would be why they all look so messed up... And also, in the image below the below post, the reason he's holding the sword and shield is cuz he's supposed to look pissed. I didn't actually make this one a fighter... that one should be coming up!
5.07.03: Well, just wanted everyone to know that I'm at school and after my ERB's (standardized testing...yuch), I drew a pretty cool pic of a guy with a sword and shield. I'll post it right below this post as soon as I get home. AKA: Right below this post will be where you see it. If you look now and the drawing isn't there, it's simply because I haven't gotten home to scan it yet.UPDATE...again: I got the image. it should show up right below this post. Man I should make a Gallery page...

UPDATE!: Just wanted to let everyone know that I found some better images... and to prove it, here's one... it's awfully small here though...

5.06.03: Well, it's funny how this main page is turning into a journal of sorts... or Blog, I suppose... but anyway, there was a problem with the image, since it didnt actually show up on the site, but I have another image that I made for PolyKarbon forums as an example that looks alright.. so here it is. I'll try 2 different ways..: