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My Dream Wedding

I have never really given any real thought into the future. I mean, I always thought about careers but never weddings or that lovey stuff. At least...not until recently.
I found the love of my life and I don't know what I would do without him.
I guess you could say he got me thinking about it. My future. It is still so uncertain. But I think I am beginning to discover what I want.

My Wedding

I want my wedding to be the wedding of dreams just like everyone else does, I am sure. When I close my eyes, I see it. Like a dream. The wedding is at sunset or late afternoon when the sun is beginning to set. It is outdoors, sort of. There is a white walkway with water on one side. Not an ocean, but maybe a lake with swans or something. The light makes everything almost gold. It is an orchard I think maybe. Trees that are just beginning to bud beautiful flowers. When the wind blows, there is pedals the fly through my hair. My dress is somewhat simple, but elegant. White, of course.
My hair is up in a golden bun with a few whisps that lie against my cheeks. My ears would each hold two pearls that match the pearls and flowers in my hair. The pearly necklace traces my collarbones.
My dress hangs barely on my shoulders. The thin sleeves are made of lace that matches the bodice. The skirt of the dress though is made out of silk that falls just to my ankels. I am still unsure about the shoes though. I have to walk down the walkway away, the sun making me glow. There are a fair amount of people. But nothing too extreme. Only the people that count. They sit in chairs outside of the walkway, all standing and waiting patiently. At the end of the walkway, standing in front of a large tree is my love. He waits with a warm smile on his face as I stand there looking at him. I return his smile and the music begins. Soft, flute music with violins. Not the usual wedding march, but something we had written together. Soft and beautiful. Calming. I walk down the aisle to be at his side and everything is so slow and beautiful. Almost like a dream. But I realize that is what it is when I open my eyes.
When the wedding is finished, my husband and I kiss the kiss of all kisses. It is the most wonderful feeling. We part and smile at eachother and turn to run down the walkway once again. To escape from everyone and finally be with eachother.

The Honeymoon

All I have to say is Spain. How I love spain. I want to go there so badly. I want to travel all over Europe. Everywhere. But mostly Spain.