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What Happy Customers Say About Do It Yourself! Foam Latex Puppetmaking 101...

Dear Kathi, I just finished watching your "Puppet-Making 101" DVD and was very pleasantly surprised. In the past several years I've become accustomed to inferior quality when it comes to instructional tapes/videos/dvds. Yours was refreshing in many ways. Although the sound quality was not always the best, the video was clear, your instructions were precise, and the procedures were so well planned, executed, and filmed that I believed it would be entirely possible for me to create something usable in short order. You have a pleasant, matter-of-fact delivery that is clear and warm, and a confidence in handling the tools of your trade that gives the viewer confidence in your authority as an expert. I look forward to following your lead and crafting puppets for use in Children's Ministry. Thank you for taking the time to make the mysteries of foam latex puppet-making accessible to the common person. Very sincerely yours,

Dave N.

I purchased ZungTrouble's "Foam Latex Puppetmaking 101" DVD a while back... I studied it religiously. It is packed ful of great advice and is also funny and enjoyable to watch. I am pleased to say that with the help of the DVD I made a successful foam latex puppet first time! Can't thank you enough Kathi!

P.G. in the UK

...Hello Kathi, I wanted to thank you for the "Foam Latex Puppetmaking 101" DVD you made. I bought my copy a while back, if you remember, and have now finally gotten around to making my first foam latex puppet. I studied your DVD religiously before even thinking about trying the process for myself (as well as reading everything I could find at SMA). While I was mixing the foam, you were there with me (playing on the TV in my workshop) guiding my hand and giving me the confidence I needed to push forward and not panic or worry to much. This has been my first ever attempt at Foam Latex puppetmaking, and I am stunned to be able to say that what came out of the mold was a perfectly usable puppet (I have yet to seam the puppet and paint it, and add his eyes)... but the foaming was very successful with only a couple of areas that need patching. I want to extend my gratitude for your taking the time to create your instructional DVD. I very much put the success of my first attempt down to the excellent instruction you gave me on mould making and foam casting. I'm attaching several photos of the process I went through creating this first attempt. The final photo is of the first puppet standing with the more advanced maquette for my upcoming second attempt. I now have the confidence to go forward in foam latex puppetmaking. So, once again, thank you so much!


...Thank you very much for making this DVD alltogether - all the animation books that we could find aren't quite 100% clear on how you should make your own puppet, so your DVD is just a light at the end of the tunnel! :D

Hey there, I just received the DVD, just have to say that is was really really good. So informative and gave me an even more concise idea of the process, how much it was going to cost and what problems I could encounter. I got way more information off this than anything I have ever found on foam latex puppet making. Thanks again for the dvd. Take Care,

-Peter D.

Hi Kathi! I purchased your DVD last year and have asked you so many questions. Now my project is done with the shooting process! I just wanted to say thank you so much for making such a great, informative DVD, and for answering all my questions. Although my molds and puppets are still far from being flawless, I just wanted to share some pics from my project with you! As I really felt that I wouldn't be able to do this without your help, I hope you don't mind if I put your name on the Special Thanks list in the end credit of the video...

-Darin S.

Hey Kathi, just wanted to say a big thank you for the dvd... it has taught me so much already and I've only watched it once. I love your presentation style, so relaxed and straightforward, no trickery, just honest straight to the point filming of hard work. You make everything look so easy and you have such a great time doing it. Thank you for haloing your enthusiasm to people like me... you as teacher, us as eager pupils will keep puppetmaking alive, I am sure. Again, thank you for being so inspiring.

- Chris H. from the U.K.

I found your video to be the most helpful tool I've found about foam latex, and thank you so much for all the help you provided through that DVD. I can't tell you how many times I've watched it in the past few months while preparing for my big foam attempt. And it worked out great (the 3rd try- I never expected a success right away and am thrilled to have it figured out before I ran out of foam).

- Jessica O., USA

Let me start out by saying what a HUGE help the dvd has been!! I am working on my senior thesis film at NYU, and there no way I'd be as far as I am without it!! I have had two sucesses so far!

-K.A. in NYC

Dear Kathi: I am writing to tell you what your DVD means to me. I got about 80% of my long time question from your DVD. I realy loved it and watched it 2 times .. so far. you are so clear and have given all the details including the materials and brands. That was a 64,000 dollar question to me. Once again kathi ... thank you for your DVD.

-Heruy from Ethiopia

I recieved the DVD in the mail yesterday. Thanks for the super fast shipping. I just finished watching it and found it extremely informative. It's great to be able to watch the process step by step, as opposed to just reading about it. It's great to see someone keeping the dying art of stop motion animation alive. Puppets have a 3-D realism about them that CGI will never be able to capture. You rock!!!

- Daniel in Miami

What a GREAT resource! I have worked with latex puppets before, but never dealt with making the molds/latex. Only the "after baking" part. I learned A LOT from this DVD, and will be watching it over and over. The DVD is easy to understand, pretty damn well edited, and actually quite funny! Hats off to Kathi for making it not only informative, but fun to watch AND funny!

-Jason in Oregon

I bought your dvd about puppet making a while back and I really love it. There are few instructional videos out there that are so easy to follow as yours…

-Daniel from Sweden

I just watched your video (which by the way was very helpful) and I am itching to get started on my stopmotion project. Thanks a lot for your help.


AWESOME video!


Hello!! I've received the dvd about the puppetmaking and it is very useful! thank you very much! I will start as soon as I can to make my puppets!.

-Oriol from Spain

Thanks for the great dvd on making model casting. I have done quite a bit of animation myself, but have never constructed my own puppet. I feel that your dvd was right on the money! The way you took your students so to speak thru the process was great.

-Loren in San Fran

Your product is excellent, and your kindness is appreciated.

-Lee from Kentucky

It's always nice to get answers from those with experience.

-Alan, TX

Thanks for my personal best customer service experience ever!

-Chris, L.A>

Wow, it's great to know that with the DVD I can email you with any questions I have.

-Jessie in NY

The video is totally awesome, I've watched it about 5 times already!! I can't tell you how much more sense everything makes seeing it done instead of reading about it.

John S. , MI

Your techniques are cool and it's always fun to learn new stuff. It is a great thing to share knowledge and help artists realize their dreams, and you are doing that!

-L.L. in Detroit

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! You basically saved me a TON of work and time. I owe you big time for the help. Your experience and advice has helped me soooo much.

-Nick, Oregon

Your DVD has been very helpful in my quest in finishing my senior thesis for college…

-Alfonso, NYC

Thank You Your site and e-style have whipped up my enthusiasm! I'll have you in the credits as the person who gave me a good shot of smiles on a rainy day in Scotland. I appreciate the 'on-going support'.

-Marylin in Perthshire

Your DVD is helping me realize a dream I've had of producing stop-motion animation since I was a kid. Can't thank you enough for a video that really makes the process of puppet-making easy to comprehend and reproduce.

-Rick in Astoria

I purchased your DVD a couple weeks ago - it's great! I've gathered a lot of information on puppet-making and talked with people who do it, but there's no substitute for actually going through the process with someone who knows what they're doing. Thanks for sharing your skills and knowledge.

-R.B, New York

thank you very much! i got your great DVD last week. it's a very interesting and helpful video. I can recommend it to everyone, who is interested in "comic"-stop motion.

-Hannes in Germany

Have really enjoyed all that I have wateched... You are a very good AND extremely thorough teacher.

-Julia in Kent, UK

Thanks very much for the DVD. It is very educational, and entertaining, It looks so easy when you’re making your “master moves”!

-Mariusz in NYC

"I purchased your DVD a couple weeks ago - it's great! I've gathered a lot of information on puppet-making and talked with people who do it, but there's no substitute for actually going through the process with someone who knows what they're doing. Thanks for sharing your skills and knowledge."

- Rick in NYC

"Hey kathi! I just wanted to say thanks for the awesome dvd! It is great... I've been making puppets and special effect appliances for many years and this DVD is definetly the best training video I have seen. "

- from David in NYC

"Seeing how someone else does things is fantastic. Your method of mold construction is such a revelation to me."

-from Ken in New Zealand

"We received your video a couple of weeks ago. It is, by far, the most useful tutorial we have ever seen. Your tape is chock full of useful tips and tricks. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in stop motion animation."

- from David M. in Chigaco

" I received the video today and I must say I'm very pleased and ful of joy. I've been thinking of getting into making puppets and doing stop motion since I graduated high school a few years ago. Now I have one foot in the door. Thank you so much, the video's great and I think it's great how much you care about keeping these puppets alive in this computer-loving world."

Cheers, Tom S. from New York

" I love the video btw... I have made a lot of molds for prosthetics but your tips are great for making more streamlined molds. Worth the cost of the video in itself..."

- Chris from Michigan

"I watched the vid and enjoyed it immensely - You're so talented! I hope that I get as adept as you, but for now I'll settle for an OK first attempt!"

- Che from the UK

Thank you so much for your invaluable video. Seriously, it is so nice to have all of those time-consuming and complex steps explained in a simple and straight forward way... So many people shield and hide their little tricks and knowledge. You had helpful tips the whole way... I can't wait to make my first successful foam latex puppet, thanks to you!!!

-Misha from CA

"Wahey! I got your video a few days after I got your confirmation - rocket fast service! Your video was excellent and gave me a real insight to how you make your models and many times during it I squealed 'so that's how she does it!'. Well done... thank you again for the video - it was excellent to see such a talented young woman at work! Keep it up my dear!"

- Stevie in Ireland

"Hello, Kathi!!! Got the video last night ... I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope that wasn't too loud!! I've watched it 3 times since last night and getting supplies together now... BWAHHHHHH-- HAHAHAHAA!!!!!

-K.P. in California

"Hey Kathi! I just got my video and I am rather excited. I hopped over and showed it off to some of my co-workers (they thought it was pretty cool as well). I already have a couple questions...!"

-Juan in California

"Just wanted to let you know, I received your video yesterday and found it most informative! Thanks again..."
-Jim A. in Chicago

" I am the worst artist/sculptor. That has been my bigest problem. But , I have the video, animation, and editing skills to make any live action or stop-motion video, so by using foam that holds its shape I will now be able to do almost anything in Stop-Motion.. (I'll just get help on the sculpts.) Thank you for making this possible by showing me how to do this on my own."

-Thomas from Tampa Bay, Florida

"Puppet making will be a breeze after viewing this video, only your own imagination sets the limits. How easy do you think it is to obtain first-hand information from a professional puppet builder ?? Here you get a wealth of instructions, how to do it, what to use, where to buy the stuff... This is all the information one needs in one place. And it´s fun. Kathi´s enthusiasm is infectious, and her ambition of keeping this venerable craft alive is admirable."

-Richard Svensson, Sweden

"Hi. Just want to give a word of thanks to your most excellent video! Will you be making another video on how to fashion a puppet's head? Anyway, a fantastic piece of work! P.S. Oh Yeah one more thing! I think you are really cute!!!;-P"

-Weelian from Singapore

"Kathi, the video came today. You have an amazing business. The absolute friendliest website in the world. I can't wait to get started. See you at Sundance! Thanks!"

-Bob L. from San Francisco

"...I received your video yesterday, I rushed home and watched it immediately... I loved it and I just wish I had all these materials at hand so I can try it out now! One thing's for are one funny chica. I laughed a lot was awesome. "

-Nina F. from Puerto Rico

"...The video is great and you have an amazing working method. The greatest thing is that you share your a reasonable cost!!! I'm really into stop motion animation and your video answers quite a few of the problems I had while making my foam latex characters!"

-Marni H. from Quebec

" ...I got my video today! I watched it right when I got it, and loved it right away! I can't wait to make my first puppet! It is a very helpful and informative video! I am so glad I bought it! Thank you sooo much for offering such a great video! ...Thanx a lot!"

-Johnny S. from Murrieta, CA

"Kathi, Got the video! Watched it 3 times in the first sitting and loved it! Thanks for all the hard work you put into it - Good Work!"

-Eric S. from Phoenix, AZ

"I have received your video... All I can say is "Wow !" this is a gold mine of info ! I have made foam latex puppets a long time ago and I wanted to get back into it... this is the perfect kick I needed to do it again! you say "puppets are fun to make" and animate :-) ... Enjoy and keep up the great work! Puppets will rule again soon ! "

-Erik from Quebec

"... I just wanted to say thank you for the VERY fast shipping and the great papers that you sent with the video. I'm going to be ordering my first batch of ultracal here this week so I'm going to try and make a puppet. Wish me luck. You movie was VERY easy to watch and informative. Thank you so much!! "

-Erik from ATLANTA

"Wow! Delivery was QUICK! I received the tape this morning. I've watched it twice and I have to say that I am so glad the magic is finally demystified."

-IvyGail M. from Maryland

"Wow, I just watched my puppet video for the third time. If Kathi had demonstrated any more,,,she would have been sitting next to me in my studio !!. It is very rare that someone makes a video that describes a hidden artform. I especially like the fact that she demonstrated with supplies that I can obtain. I cannot wait until the second video comes out! I would like to know if there are any more workshops in the future!!"

Pam in Buffalo, New York

"I highly recommend this tape to anyone interested in puppet making, whether you have a desire to make your own foam puppets or not. It's informative, entertaining, and a good buy at a very low price. Zung Studio has conscientiously priced this tape at $26.00, to make it affordable for even the tightest of budgets. You can't find good information like this for much less than that! Most worthwhile instructional tapes start at $35 and go up from there in price. Besides, it's got a fun, rough assembly like quality to it, fun music bits and lots of good info. Kathi proves to be a very enthusiastic, likable instructor (and yes, I'll say it... she's cute too). Four stars and two thumbs up."

-Scott G. from Ohio

"I love the video! I am very appreciative for the video workshop. The details are all here. The list of materials, the how-to for a simple wire armature and the video is perfect! It's very helpful and I can't wait to start building foam puppets."

-T.M. from NYC

"People, get this video! I love it! It's so great! This is definitely the most pleasant piece of infotainment on this subject I know. Besides the fact that I really learned some new tricks and new aspects, it was totally sweet and entertaining...This expands my horizons on puppetmaking in some points...Informative...many clever tricks...very entertaining... It is really fantastic! Get one and you'll love it!"

-T.H. from Bavaria, Germany

"I just received your video in the mail today! I watched it right away and I am excited to get started. Thanks, please keep me posted of any other educational videos you put out. "

-S.A. from California

"I really like your product and I have re-thought alot of my showed me how to take pride in making molds...when you are on a shoe string budget like me right now, I think your methods are much more effective."

-Robert from Glendale

"The video is in!!!! I am very excited and happy to announce that my copy of the tape arrived today. I have watched most of it, and will be watching it over and over again! Kathi has done a tremendous job.... she obviously knows what she's doing, and has a lot of great info and tips to share... I highly recommend this to anyone interested in foam puppet making. Not only is it chock full of great information, but Kathi is a babe!"

-M.B. from Illinois

"I have been waiting for this. I am a student of model making ... I have a strong background in sculpting and model making but I wanted to get some more insight. I will be returning to school to start on my thesis project which is a stop motion piece. I hope that your video can give me a head start on some of my classes. Thanks for going out of your way to make a resource like this."

-R.A. from California

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