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Links to All Things Puppet

There Is Nothing Better Than Free Information Take a look around. There is always someone to help. Got a good site? Let me know. Together, we can make the puppet world a much bigger place!
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Good Good Reading - A library of information and an unsurpassed resource!
Info,Library,Links,News - from expert stop-mo man, Lionel Ivan Orozco
Master model maker, Peter Erickson (NYC) shows us how it's done... Check out his props, they are simply incredible!
The Animation Corner - a Community Website for Animators with message boards, places to post your work, and to just hang out!
An overview of What You'll Need to Think About in Puppet Fabrication for Animation by Mike Brent

Creating Your Own Puppets- Lookit These Peeps

The Puppet Port -A window to the World of Puppetry
The Clayman's Funhouse - Paul Moldovanos shows his stuff! Great links page too.
Latex Puppets by Steve Axtell

Shopping Around for Puppet Materials? is all things Monster.
The FX Warehouse has tons of materials for your foam latex creation.
Alcone - Makeup Specialists and Special Effects
Burman Industries has what you didn't know you needed!
Silicones Inc. - the Mold making Masters.
McMaster-Carr has anything you could ever want to put your shop together. Think of it as a mega hardware store.
If McMaster doesn't have it, MSC does. Their catalog is known as The Bible in our industry.