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Current Projects - Davey and Goliath's Christmas Special

Airing Christmas 2003, the "Davey and Goliath Christmas Special" was a fabulous project I was invited to work on in Los Angeles, CA. As a consultant, I taught the animators how to be their own production line. They learned how to mold scultped props and character heads, cast them in urethane plastic, and finish them to be camera ready. They also wanted to make their own foam puppets and wire armatures. Together we set up a studio in one tiny room that held puppet fabrication, prop making, and storyboarding!

The Hansen Family

These puppets are ball and socket armatures with foam built up around them to fill out their custom made clothes. Their hands are foam latex, and shoes are made of urethane plastic, or hollow cast latex for action shots.
Goliath is a foam latex puppet with a fancy ball and socket armature. His fur is made of flocking and his feet are standard hex nut tie-downs.

Davey and his friends hit the snowhills.

Lucky, lucky me got to audition for the voice part of Yazmeen, the snowboarding girl, and I actually got it!

Earlier project - the Fly

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