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With the Do It Yourself! Foam Latex Puppetmaking 101 DVD...

You CAN do it yourself!

HAPPY Times! ... DIY- Foam Latex Puppetmaking 101! is no longer available on this website. If you are interested in an instant download of my Puppet Tutorial, please visit Animate

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"Do It Yourself! Foam Latex Puppetmaking 101" is a one hour instructional video that shows the entire process of turning an original sculpt into a camera-ready, foam latex puppet that is specifically designed for animating.

An example of our foam latex puppets...George Harrison plays his sitar! (Note the 4 fingers - "because four is funnier than five")

My dvd was featured on's Cool Tools website, Sept. 9, 2005. The editor and co-founder of Wired Magazine was kind enough to review DIY-Foam Latex Puppetmaking 101 in a very positive, glowy way. Thanks to that, over 30,000 copies sold to date! Thanks so much!

For three years, Kathi and her team of expert puppet makers created the main characters for MTV's "Celebrity Deathmatch" at Zung Studio in New York City. Click here to take a look inside our old shop and see the team in action! This claymation style, weekly, stop-motion animation tv series also featured a 300-member audience that Kathi made in her mom's garage. You're welcome to visit my old workshop...

And if you have a minute to be amazed, you're also invited to visit more advanced puppetmaking at Zung Studio

My work besides "Celebrity Deathmatch" includes making puppets for Nike commercials, Pampers, Crunch, McDonald's, doing work for Nickelodeon, HBO, MTV Germany, and other various independent projects. I made puppets for the Thanksgiving Special episode of the "Bernie Mac Show" for the Fox Television Network. And also worked on the "Davey and Goliath Snowboard Christmas Special", doing puppet fabrication and a few voices too! Most recently, I worked on puppets from the film, "The Boxtrolls", and the Taylormade "Speed Police" campaign, the Bosch Roadkill campaign...

Below...a PREVIEW of my one hour DVD

Learn from my 18 years of specialized experience in making foam latex puppets!

Click on Claudia to read reviews of the film...

Some scenes from the DVD...

Kathi shows you how to design your sculpt in a way that allows for easy mold-making.

She takes you through each step to make a durable Ultracal mold from your sculpt, providing the tightest seam possible.

You'll learn how to fashion a basic but strong, fully animatable, aluminum wire and pro-poxy armature with foot tie-downs.

Kathi teaches you how to run a batch of foam latex to cast your puppet.

Then, she shows you how to de-mold, trim, seam and prepare your puppet for painting.

Finally, Kathi shows you how to give your puppet a long-lasting paint job and have a finished product that's as seamless as possible and camera-ready!

"Pssst! Pass it on...Foam latex puppets are more flexible, durable, and more professional looking than clay..."

The DVD is only$25.00 plus a variety of US Mail shipping rates. (for all you starving artists out there, I offer FREE 1st class so you don't have to sacrifice your coffee money.) And with a special rate to Canada.

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To get the DVD, "Do It Yourself! Foam Latex Puppetmaking 101"...


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