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Basic Rules

Trade Status: Very Open

Distro Status: Open

Turnaround Time: 1/2 - 2 weeks

Cost: 4 dollars a tape

1 tape= 4 dollars

2 tapes= 8 dollars

3 tapes= 12 dollars

You get the idea!

Distro Rules:

You e-mail me what you want, and wait for confermation, then I will tell you how many tapes it will be, bacause some of them on the list are all messed up and I want to make sure that you know whats going ton, okay? Than, I will ask you to send me your address first, so I can get a box ready. Then I will send you mine, so you can send me the money. PLEASE DO NOT WRITE BAD CHECKS! and cash is alright too, if you want to take that risk. I will replace any damaged tapes, if you send it back to me. I cannot guarentee the quality on anything. After I recieve your money, (or cash your check) I will send your tapes in one to two days. I DO mix and match, but for distribluting, I only do tapes in SP mode. I'm sorry, but you have to expect some strictness in dealing with others. AND do not write the check to Youkai Distro! I will tell you who to write it to when I give you my address!



I will do tape for tape trades. Also, I will do 6 hour mode or 2 hour mode, whish has MUCH better quality, as long as you tell me that you want it in whatever mode. E-mail me, tell me what you want and in what mode, and I will guess at how many tapes that it will fill up. If it turns out to be more than I guessed, than you get that one at my expense. ALSO! When you e-mail me, please include a list of what you have to trade, and I will chose that many tapes/eps in whatever mode you chose it in. I have a bit, if you want to guess how many tapes it would be! One movie, or 4 eps will fit on one two hour tape, and three movies or 15 eps will fit on a six hour tape! And If it is the first trade that we are doing, I will ask you to send the tapes first. It's hard to know who to trust and who not to. In fact, if you aren't one of my pals, that's most likly what you are wondering now. I WILL SEND THE TAPES WITHIN THE NEXT FEW DAYS AFTER I GET YOURS! I will ask you for your address, before giving mine, so please inclde that also in the 1st e-mail too.



I also do trades for other things, like manga, action figures, or other stuff. It really depends on what it is for how many I will trade per tape. So, if you want, e-mail me and tell me what you have that you would be willing to trade, and I'll let you know!

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