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Babbit Chan's Page

Nihao, minasan! This is Babbit of the Four Youkai, the 2nd oldest. I really don't know what kind of stuff I'm supposed to be writing here, 'cuz Varunia hasn't told me.. -_-; But I'm guessing that this is about me. The only question is, is it about me as myself, or me as Babbit? I may have to do a section about both of us! Wheee! (Yes, I know I'm insane... But what can you expect from my family?) I don't want to drive you poor peoples insane by typing out the stuff that goes on inside my head. Just ask the people who subscribe to Onegai Shimasu! I do a whole page of Random Rambling for it. Actually, the name of the page ISN'T Random Rambling, but it does fit well. Aww, well, I'll have to come back later to type more.. Or something.. I'm SO hungry.. Bai bai!