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Welcome to my Fushigi Yuugi page! This page is made by Anna. Yes it's made by DON'T COPY IT!!!! =)

Listen to both midis!!
Midi on main page-The one in OVA of Fushigi Yuugi
Midi on character pages-The ending song to Fushigi Yuugi

Welcome to da Fushigi Yuugi page!!!!!!!
I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!!!!!!!! I was first introduced to this
movie by my friends Simone and Amy.
They were talkin about it one day.. and I asked them wat it was.
Amy, said it was the greatest show even tho she only
saw a only a couple of episodes. After that, I decided to watch it.
It was SOOO cool!! I kept asking
them and asking them for the episodes following it
and everything. I mean this show has EVERYTHING!
Comedy, love, friendship, action. It's
THE BEST!!!!!!! You really have to see it!!!!!

About the show...
The protagonist (I'M USING A BIG VOCAB WORD! =))
is Miaka, a 15 year old girl.
Her bestfriend, Yui, are tryin to get into Jonan High.
One of the best highschools around.
Because of it's good ratings, it has a very hard entrace exam.
Yui, a very intelligent girl, is certain to get
in. While Miaka, a big eater and very clumsy,
has her doubts. One day, Yui had to return a
book. And being the hungry lil girl Miaka is, ran
to a vending machine to get food. While she was there,
a red peacock, attracts her so she follows it where she's
lead to a room. This room had many old books.
Later on, Yui joins her. They both found a book called
"The Universe Of The Four Gods" and starts
reading it. After reading a couple of
sentences, they are sucked into the book, where
everything begins..........

Now the rest is up to you to see!!!!!!!!!!!! =)

All information provided by-

Thank you!!!!

Special help from-

Amy-Thanx for da songs!!!! =)

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