What if...

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So we've come to the end... or have we?

After thinking about it for a while, I figured that a week was too short of a notice so I have decided to continue taking in entries until August 31. After that I need to put the entry thing aside for a while.

Also one more request. Please try to keep the self inserts to a minimum. Not that I have anything against them but they tend to be more of the writer's own fantasy than comical.

-Thanx to everyone who's helped me out over these past two years.

What if...

...there was a crossover between Tenchi Muyo! and Love Hina? (-Espectra)

...Sakura Taisen was included in that crossover?

...Duo and Ranma were brothers?

...there was a crossover between Escaflowne and Evangelion?

...there was a crossover between Nadesico and Gundam W?

...there was a crossver between Dual and Gundam W?

...there was a crossover between all of the mechas listed above?

...Love Hina took place in a convent?

...the promise in Love Hina wasn't to go to Tokyo U, but DeVry?

...there was a crossover between Love Hina and Urusei Ytsura?

...or Sakura Taisen, or Tenchi Muyo!?

...people suddenly didn't feel like doing Ranma 1/2 fanfics?

...a terrorist decided to hack into the RAAC?

(This entry was made before the attack. God watch over us all...)

...Kodachi and Nagha went at it like monkeys?

...Washu found a way to make an offspring off of those two?

...Junsenkyou water was mixed in with the world's drinking water?

...someone invented glasses that showed subtitles whenever someone spoke Japanese?

...What if those glasses blew up and now you see subtitles even with them off?

...Disney bought all the anime studios in Japan to either shut them down or to create anime in thier image?

...that plan was already in progress?

...every Otaku revolted when it happened?

...Microsoft bought the rights to Linux?

...there really was an anime theme park like in Otaku no Video 1985?

...Nudity was a really big deal in Japan?

...it wasn't such a really big deal here?

...girls could really fight like Naru Narusegawa?

...Disney was suddenly bought by an anime company?

...there was a crossover between Titan A. E. and Outlaw Star?

...there was a crossover between Titan A. E. and Gen 13?

...Fox tried to do another anime themed movie?

...the Disney channel decided to play anime?

...Brittney Spears watched anime?

...the Backstreet Boys watched anime?

...Dreamcast came out with VR glasses plus force feedback, and the first title to come out with it was Love, Hina?

...there was a Love, Hina fighting game (we already know about DC and PS)?

...there was a match between WWFs Chyna and Love, Hina's Naru?

...the Mega Man team and the Street Fighter team decided to switch making video games?

...there was a crossover between Final Fantasy VIII and Lunar?

...Lunar 2 continued to be postponed?

(For the record it was worth the wait.)

...there was a bromide of the Dark Goddess Althena?

...there was a sexier bromide of Luna?

...Luna was really attracted to Galleon?

...Galleon had his way with Luna when she was the Dark Goddess Althena?

(Publisher's note: I think my writer may need to take a break for a while...)

...the Final Fantasy series also came out with bromides in thier game?

...there match between Naru Nrusegawa and Himura Kenshin?

...Tenchi Masaki decided to convert into a Roman Catolic?

...he also decided to become a priest?

...there was a crossover between Lain and Ghost in the shell?

...there was a match between Tenchi and Motoko?

...Tenchi decided to marry ALL the girls like his great grandfather the emperor did?

...you dialed the wrong number while ordering take out, and a goddess popped out of a mirror?

...after dating a goddess you met her older (and more... open) sister moved in.

...you were able to get any anime girl?

...your father took you away from your mother at a young age and took you to China?

...after being chased by one of your classmates, all time stopped, and you starting hearing voices comming from your school's newly discovered basement?

...you just started hearing voices? Period.

(Publishers note: Can't sleep, clowns will eat me... Can't sleep, clowns will eat me... Can't sleep, clowns will eat me...)

...you had your choice between your old school friend, a fire priestess, or a demon god for a girlfriend?

...your computer went on DOS mode and started to tell you to follow the white rabbit?

...you were the one?

...you could dodge bullets?

...you didn't have to?

...after being plugged into a machine, you knew Kung Fu?

...the same machine could take you into your favorite anime?

...for the sequel of "The Matrix" Neo had to go into a world of anime?

...after a purification ceremony you walk down the dirt path and a guy in a red duster says that he's going to kill you?

...after a long day of "ahem" studying, a cat with a cresent moon came into your room and started talking?

...after you and your friend go to the National Library, you find a hidden room that has ancient Chinese textbooks?

...your mother was a former winner the Miss Galaxy?

...you needed 10,000 friends to become human?

...Tenchi's mother didn't die when she did?

...Akane's mother didn't die when she did?

...your father needed to you work for his company named NERV?

...all was right with the world?

...the third impact really happened?

...angels started attacking the planet?

...the father of an old childhood friend (if you'd call her that) was possibly reasponsible for the death of your parents?

...after getting a job as a cook in a battleship of an old childhood friend (if you'd call her that), you ended up as thier fighter pilot?

...you were assigned to be a air force mechanic to an all female assault team?

...after your brother marries your first crush, you live in a dorm where your roommate looks like a girl?

...here was Greenwood?

...you and your five year old sweet heart made a promise that you'd both go to Tokyo U in fifteen years?

...you forgot her name?

...your grandmother decided to retire from running an all female dormitory and decided to hand it over to you?

...you've been assigned to pilot a Gundam to counter attack a military organization called OZ in a mission called "Operation Meteor"

..."Operation Meteor" wasn't all it was cracked up to be?

...after graduating from an all boys military school you've been assigned to lead an all rough and tough group of men against some really vicious enemies?

...it turned out that you're just assigned to be a ticket puncher at an all girls theatre?

...Sakura wasn't such a popular name in Japan?

...there was a cave near your grandfather's temple?

...after escaping from a demon that was locked a cave, you landed on a ship that occasionaly plays something similar to "Close Encounters of the Third Kind?"

...there was a crossover between Ranma 1/2 and Mamono Hunter Yohko?

...Mayuka came into your life and became your girlfriend?

...Nagha came into your life and became your girlfriend?

...Naru came into your life and punched you in the face?

...anime girls weren't so violent?

...Ranma's mouth decided to check with his brain before he said anything?

...Ranma was raised by his mother resulting in him having better relations with girls?

...Ranma just told everyone to "piss off"?

...Ryouga realized that Ranma what not the center of all his problems?

...Akane realized that Ryouga was P-Chan?

...Akane knew since day one that he was already P-Chan?

...Akane changed her policy of "mallet first, ask questions later"?

...Akane (or Naru) punched Ranma (or Keitaro) for no reason into the street causing them to be hit by a car?

...in the process they got seriously hurt (no really!)?

...the hologam in the movie "The 6th Day" created anime girls?

...Katsuhiko Jinnai and Nagha had a child?

...Bruce Lee lived to see "The Matrix"?

...Jackie Chan appeared in a cartoon (oh wait too late!)

...there really was a way to preform the Dragon Slave?

...there really was a sword of light?

...there was a match between Rick Hunter and an angel?

...someone created a Gundam Wing video game where play the game in a replica of the cokpit?

...someone did the same for Escaflowne?

...someone did the same for Evangelion?

...someone did the same for Nadesico?

...someone did the same for Macross?

...someone did the same for Dual?

...(aw what the heck) someone did the same for Virtual On?

...Ranma had a brother?

...Genma loved his son just a little more?

...Police body armor was a little more like Burn Up W?

...Every fic writer managed to finish thier story instead of them being abandoned?

(Publisher's note: For the record, the guy who came up with this one can't even start a sinlge chapter! *BONG!* Publisher get hit in the head with a pot.)

...going to an anime or video game convention in Japan was as easy and as affordable as driving accross town?

...getting a girlfriend that works in one of those booths was almost as easy?

(Publisher's note: God I think my friend needs a girlfriend BADLY! *BONG!* Publisher gets hit with a pot.)

...getting video games to be sent here domestically was alot easier?

...there was a crossover between Spawn and Evangelion?

...Rumiko Takahashi continued with Ranma 1/2?

...Keitaro told everyone to piss off (especially Naru)?

...every fanfic writer got thier own manga series?

...flames were welcome?

...there was a match between Ataru and Happosai to see who could be the biggest letcher?

...Ataru or Happosai were fanfic writers?

...Naru wasn't affectionate to Keitaro for 'other' reasons?

...there was a crossover between Pokemon and Evangelion (where it was the angels instead of the Pokemon)?

...you had visions of giant mechas destroying your home town?

...you wrote fanfics about it?

...the most popular girl in school invited you to her house and you met her father who sent you a parallel universe?

...Mitsuki Sanada and Relena Peacecraft were related?

...kimonos were the current style in the U.S.?

...every time you had a good idea for an original anime you watch one that ends up having the same plot?

...the same thing happened everytime you had a good idea for a videogame?

...Each Gundam Pilot drowned into thier own spring at Junsenkyou?

...Akane got cooking lessions from Julia Child?

...Akane lectured cooking lessions to Wolfgang Puck?

...Ash and Jesse became an item?

...Brock and Jesse became an item?

...Megumi Hayashibara never stubled into being a voice actress?

...the theme to your winter formal (or any dance) was "Midnight Blue"?

...the DJ at your school dance played j-pop?

...the Napster logo didn't look so... deviant? (Would the Supreme Court have changed thier ruling?)

...after Napster shut down Disney posted thier own version of Napster? (And it was mouse's ears instead)

...people started making their own "garage" anime here in the U.S.?

...people started making their own "garage" video games... again?

...Mimi (From the 'Drew Carey Show') guest starred in Love Hina?

...Mimi guest starred in ANY anime?

...Dexter was one of the doctors in Gundam W?

...After being dragged to China by your father (who didn't speak a word of Chinese), you fell in a spring that tunrs you into a girl?

...The United Sates congress declared an embargo on all J-Pop related items (espesially anime)?

...American broadcasting companies (Fox, WB) thought about who the real target audience was when it comes to anime before buy them, then strip them apart?

...computer programming wasn't considered cool again?

...Mainstreamers avoided careers in computers?

...Mainstreamers avoided anime?

...The only anime sold here was Dragon Ball Z?

...Mainstreamers wore the Kenshin shirts not because they looked cool, but because they've seen the series?

...Mainstreams could actually pronounce the Kanji characters written on thier shirts? (and tattoos)

...a text box came out in the middle of Final Fantasy movie?

...Disney animated movies weren't just held together by 1 1/2 hours of jokes and the story development made you actually care about the characters?

...Anime Expo were to be held again at the Disney Land Hotel?

...You could buy didgital underware and other didgital garments?

...What if there was a wingdings language?

...Microsoft suddenly went backrupt?

...the X-Box went belly under?

...Bill Gates went off the wall?

...in the name of the moon, they would punish you?

...your father surrendered your home planet to aliens in exchage for a noble status?

...your father didn't return and so you became a count?

...there were no beautiful cabinet attendants, but there are good-looking pilots?

...your grandfather died while you were sixteen, leaving you his company?

...your grandfather also asked you in his will to create a agency that would protect space caravans to poorer companies for free?

...your mother died at an early age leaving you to live with your grandfather?

...your grandfather left to an island leaving you with his mansion and his specialist maids?

...you were alergic to girls?

...the maids didn't care?

...your younger brother had you get the family cat by the a sacred well?

...a half woman half centepede pulled you into the well and sent you back fifty years?

...you found a boy with white hair and dog ears, pinned to a tree by an arrow?

...you watched fansubs on your computer from a safe distance, and in a well lit room?

...there was no anime at all? ( I shudder to think.) (-Mbroacha)

...Ranma was really a girl, not just changed into a girl? (-prodigiousack)

...Trowa was a Pokeman catcher?

...Heero was an Eva pilot? (Oh wait, that isn't all that creative.)

...Relena had the personality of Akane? (Some Queen of Peace she'd be, neh?)

...Cheerleaders liked anime?

...People other than outcasts liked un-Americanized anime?

...People other than otaku knew about the good stuff?

...Rumiko Takahashi didn't like perversion?

...my parents knew what I was reading?

...we all had unlimeted money when it came to anime?

...I don't have any more ideas?

Well, I don't.

...you reached the end of this list?

You just did.