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Things you would never hear in Love Hina

Yes it's back, and the same as ever! To the one who is disapointed, I would like to say, it's going to be a very long February. To everyone else please enjoy

Entires? Please send to Re: Things you would never hear in Love Hina.

Attention all patrons:

So we've come to the end... or have we?

After thinking about it for a while, I figured that a week was too short of a notice so I have decided to continue taking in entries until August 31. After that I need to put the entry thing aside for a while.

Also one more request. Please try to keep the self inserts to a minimum. Not that I have anything against them but they tend to be more of the writer's own fantasy than comical.

-Thanx to everyone who's helped me out over these past two years.


1.Keitaro: That's it Naru! I'm leaving Hinata Sou and going over to Mutsumi's to get laid!

2.Cop: Naru Narusegawa, you're under arrest for assault and battery.

3.Naru: Ranma!

4.Naru: Keitaro, I've been thinking about this for a while, and I just wanted to say I LOVE YOU KEITARO!
Keitaro: You're not getting my bud light Naru.

5.Kitsune: Keita-
Keitaro: No Kitsune.

6.Kitsume: I've decided to give up my life of quick money and move into a convent.

7.Ash spots a new wild Pokemon
Keitaro: Keitaro! Keitaroooo!
Ash: I have just the thing for that pokemon.
Ash throws out his poke ball
Ash: Naru, I choose you!
Naru pops out of the poke ball
Naru: Naruuuu!
Ash: Naru, crap beating now!
You can guess what happens next...

8.Shinobu: Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!

9.Motoko: OROOOO!!

10.Onsen Turtle: Meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow...

11.Keitaro is laying down on a couch watching t.v. when the phone rings
Keitaro: Hello?
Akito: Hey Keitaro.
Keitaro: Oh hey man.
Tenchi walks in.
Tenchi: Whassaaaap?
Keitaro: Whassaaaap?
Akito: Hey is that Tenchi?
Keichi: Tenchi pick up the phone!
Tenchi picks up the phone
Tenchi: Whassaaaap?
Keitaro: Whassaaaap?
Akito: Whassaaaap?
Keitaro: Ranma pick up the phone!
Ranma is typing on the computer when he picks up the phone
Ranma: Hello?
Akito: Whassaaaap?
Ranma: Whassaaaap?
Keitaro: Aaaaaaaap?
Tenchi: Aaaaaaaaap?
Everyone but Keitaro and Akito hang up the phone
Keitaro: So what's up?
Akito: Just chillin', killin'
Keitaro: True...

12.Naru: Tell me what you want; what you really really want...

13.Tom Leykis: Leykis 101 this is Keitaro from Hinata, Japan Hello.
Keitaro: Helloooooooooooo Tom!

14.Keitaro is in an old dentist chair when he opens his eyes
Keitaro: I know Kung Fu...

15.The Power Puff Girls join the cast of Love Hina.

16.Keitaro and Neo are talking in the middle of a courtyard. Everyting is frozen.
Keitaro: So what are you saying? I can dodge bullets?
Neo: No. I'm saying by the time you're ready, you won't have to.

17.Sara: Must... make... life... living... hell.. for... everyone...

18.Keitaro: Naru I've decided not to go to Tou Dai after all
Naru: But why?
Keitaro: Because I'm going to DeVry in West Hills!

19.Keitaro: You know Naru, you're starting to hurt my feelings.
Naru: Oh I'm sorry Keitaro; c'mon I'll make it up to you.

20.taro is about to get beaten up by Naru
Keitaro: (Thinking) Well it worked on the island...
Keitaro begins to sing Nyamo's theme song...
Naru: Wow that song, I suddenly have the urge to stand here and listen to him...

21.Motoko gives up her sword for fanfic writing...

22.Keitaro finds a red card with the letters "A X" in his mail box.
Keitaro: You're regestered...

23.Keitaro: (Singing) She looked kinda dumb with her finger and her thumb in the shape of an 'L' on her fore head...

24.Shinobu: (To Naru) Oh my God, you killed Keitaro!
Su: You bastard!

25.Flame critic: (Typing)
Dear Motoko,
I'm writing to you again to tell you that your site sucks. Your fanfiction sucks. You'll never amount to anything. Where did you learn how to write at? DeVry? You're such a dumb fu-

(Crackling fire)

FC: Is something burning?

FC steps outside

FC: Oh my God! There's a brown paper bag on fire!

FC stomps it out

FC: What's that smell..? Oh crap!

Meanwhile in the nearby bushes...

Motoko: (Quietly laughing) You're right Keitaro, that WAS more fun than my idea.

26.Naru: Keitaro, I have to admit I really liked wearing that costume in front of Seta-san in that play we did
Keitaro: Truthfully, I really didn't make any friends in the U.S. The lingere was my idea....

27.Keitaro: And Julie wasn't really a gorilla, she was a blonde bombshell who put me to bed everynight...

28.Keitaro: Ziggy Zaggy! Ziggy Zaggy! Oi! Oi! Oi! Ziggy Zaggy! Ziggy Zaggy! Oi! Oi! Oi! Ziggy Zaggy! Ziggy Zaggy! Oi! Oi! Oi!

29.Keitaro: And those 20 girls, they were alive.

30.Keitaro: TIMMY!

31.Kitsune: Moonshine!

32.Keitaro: Well I'm off to America...
Towlie: You should always remember to bring a towel...

Note from the editor:
Before I post these next entries, I would like to apologize to anyone who is offended by them.

33. Kitsune: (singing) Workin' nine to five, it's all takin' and no givin'

34. Su: BBC 1, BBC 2, BBC 3, BBC 4, BBC 5, BBC 6, BBC 7, BBC Heaven!

35. Keitaro is practicing his english by recording his voice, and comparing it to a natural speaker when he comes to a startling revelation...
Keitaro: Oh my God, I sound like a bigger nerd when I speak in english!
Editor: Okay that's enough once again my apologies...

36. Kitsune: Go baby! Go!

37. Keitaro: And now your Los Angeles Lakers!
(We'll miss you Chick.)

38. Keitaro: I put my hand up on your hip, when I dip, you dip, we dip, I put my hand up on your hip, when I dip, you dip, we dip...

39.Keitaro: Hogies and grinders, Hogies and grinders... Navy beans, Navy beans, Navy beans, Navy beans... Hogies and grinders, Hogies and grinders... Navy beans, Navy beans, MEATLOAF SANDWICH!

40.Keitaro: Auun! Hiroyuki-san!

41.Keitaro: (Singing) How lucky can one guy be, I kissed her and she kissed me; like a fella once said "Ain't that a kick in the head?"...

42.Keitaro: (Singing) And that's Uncle Joe, and he's movin' kinda slow in the junction... Petty Coat Junction...

43.Haruka: Oi Seta, what's the deal with Keitaro?
Seta: Oh yeah, Keitaro-kun wanted to pratice his english, so his friends gave him a bunch of songs and shows to sing a long with.
Haruka: What kind of songs?

44.Keitaro: (Singing) Sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name...

45.Naru: (Singing) I'm gonna walk in the sun... gonna tell everyone to lighten up...

46.Keitaro: All your base... base... base... all your base... are belong to us...
Naru:That wasn't even proper english!

47.Keitaro: (Singing) She's a good girl, who loves her momma, loves Jesus, and America too...

48.Keitaro hums the theme to "The Godfather".

49.Keitaro: (singing)
Now whip it...
Into shape...
Shape it up...
Get straight...
Go foward...
Move ahead...
Um... something... something...
It's not too late...
To whip it...
Whip it good!

50.Keitaro: (Singing)
With arms wide open...
Under the sunlight...
Welcome to this place...
I'll show you everything...
With arms wide open...
Well I don't know if I'm ready...
To be the man I have to be...


And now for something I'd like to call...

Keitaro's adventures in America!

Until October 31, 2002 this site will be accepting entries on places that Keitaro might visit when he came to America in Manga #11.

Here's a couple of things to remember.
It's not the location that matters, as much as what's going on.
-i.e. sports events, t.v. shows, or parties, good; Grand canyon, bad.

-Pictures are appreciated (PG-13 please).

And now on with the show...

Keitaro has been spotted at...

...a Kings Game.

...a Laker Game.

...The Man Show. anime convention.

...any frat party.

...any sorority party.

...Mardi Gras.

...South Park.

...The Jerry Springer Show.

...The Riki Lake Show.

...The Rosie O' Donnel Show.

...the Playboy mansion.

...Insomniac with Dave Attel.

...any Hooters Restaraunt.

...A Michelob Commerical.

...Win Ben Stein's Money.

...Beat the Geeks.

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