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These are some RARE finds!
Hello Kitty White Diamond Wedding Set (only 500 sets produced)
There are only 1000 of them in the world. She has a flower on her head and neck with her pink dress. Her hair is made of mohair wool(a certain kind of sheep hair).This plush comes with a certificate seen at the far right.
Sanrio only produced 300 of these jewels. According to the name, she also comes with a 0.02 K diamond embedded on a locket pendant that is removeable. This plush set comes with a certificate seen at the far right.
November first is Kitty's birthday(11/1). Sanrio made this doll to celebrate her birthday which was her 25th anniversary. She was only sold in Sanrio Puroland and there were only 800 of them made. One of my favorites!
These plushes were only available in Japan, and even over there were hard to get. These plushes were sold anywhere from $100-$300, and now since they have been retired, and are only a limited amount they probably go for much more!