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Recent News & Updates

2/16/02: I put up a new info section called methods of fusion. Basically it tells you about the three different methods of fusion, and the different people that fused, and how they did it. Im also going to be updating the other pages to show all the right links to other parts of my site

2/14/02: If this is any1 from EG there is something you should read, scroll down to the miscellaneus stuff and click on supporters, its basically geared toward you.
2/14/02: Well, Eternal Vegeta is rolling solo again, I dropped out of Eternal Network for a few reasons.

Reason#1: It was not the normal kind of network. It wasnt the type of network where you join, give your button, put up theres your done. It was more the kind like sssgoku and them where they share basicaly nothing in common besides that there site names begin the same, and they get all cocky because of this little "network" there in.(those are the kind of networks you dont want to be in, it doesnt really have benifits, its pretty much a cocky way of tossing around the names of a few of your affiliates.)

Reason#2: The friggin sites havent been updated like actual content updates since i affiliated with eternal goku, that will be the first and last time that i affiliate without checking out every page on the site. Any ways, if this is either webmaster of eg or ten then im dropping both things(network and affiliation, maybe this will be an insentive for you to actually update your site, and i know this sounds cruel, but if you aint gonna do anything with your site beside a main page, than you are a waste of angelfire space, and shouldnt have started a site, and im srry for being so cruel, but i guess im bruttaly honest, but i just cant lie. Once again, if this upsets you, srry, but its the truth. Email me, i wanna here your thoughts on this

maybe this will also show all of my affiliates(except DBA, they actually update) that i wasnt kidding about dropping you all. EG, ill take your button off within the next few days.


2/14/02: Happy valentines day, i got a treat for u guys, i put up my first editorial, about what i feel it takes to be a good site, its calledGood Site, Bad Site. I really hope you like it.
2/14/02: If you are one of my affiliates, u might want to read this.

Currently i am thinking of dropping all of my affilliates except for DB Aftermath, Due to a lack of updates on all of them, as Ryu of DB aftermath is updating everyday, and all my others are not. In a week if u havent been updating i will drop you without a notice other than posted on my site(and yes, i will keep the name Eternal Vegeta, but I will NOT BE A PART OF THE ETERNAL NETWORK, and i will remain solo) so lets see those updates!!!

2/12/02: Yes, I have some good news, A CONTENT UPDATE i added a section to the biographies portion of the site called Saiyajin Power, which explains the IMENSE POWER of Saiyajins. Hope you like it.
2/11/02: not much goin on, i just gotta update all the other pages of the site so they show all the same stuff as this main page, and i reaffilated with one of my favorite DB Sites Dragonball Aftermath(Formally insane dbz).
2/09/02: I put up a tutorial section, and the first tutorial is up. It is a scrolling text box tutorial, if u dont know what that is, go to my linkme section and look at the text box under my buttons and youll know.
2/09/02: I joined a new topsite, definately the best 1, so forget the othrs just vote for me on the DB100 link where my topsite are.
2/08/02: I put up the review for movie #5: Coolers Revenge

I put up the deaths section, go there to find out everyone in db-dbgt that has died.

2/05/02: I put up the first part of the What is/are section, it is just a piece about the HYPERBOLIC TIME CHAMBER.
2/04/02: okay, i have no clue how you guys knew(i didnt tell any1), but yes, i will be making a shrine to the greates DBZ chracter ever, VEGETA. But not for a couple months, im workin on a major content update
2/04/02: Go to the roms section, i finnaly uploaded the best dbz game ever: HYPER DIMENSION

dont forget to visit the eternal network by clicking their banner on my splash page.

2/03/02: I posted the entire 2002 release dates schedule for the CCG. Go to the Release Dates section to check it out, this will be and exciting year for fans of the ccg.

Also support the Eternal Network, And Eternal Vegeta by clicking on the second button on the affiliates part of this page.

2/01/02: I wont be able to update for a few days,because im visiting my mom, when i come back ill be adding some more sections.
1/31/02: If you didnt know, this site is no longer Vegeta-Supreme, it is Eternal Vegeta. Part of the eternal network. If this is the webmaster of eternal network reading,than i will add your link in a few.
1/28/02:This is from a gamepro article, this is very exciting if you own a next gen console such as on...

Infogrames finally makes a game for the Nintendo Game Boy Advance, Nintendo GameCube, Sony PlayStation 2, Microsoft Xbox, and the PC. Games such as The Legacy of Goku and the revered Collectible Card Game into a video game. It's kind of like bringing those Poke'mon cards into an interactive card video game. "You won't have to worry about looking up the rules as CCG will tell you if you can use a particular card during battle or non-battle situations" making this game sound easy. "In single-player mode, you'll battle three characters on a progressive level. Once you beat a level, a new character will become available for you to choose. As I word this, the go through each page, as it follows the screen caps. "Easy-to-read screens will enable you to see who has the higher power-and who will win the match. As in the original card game, your character may level up after each round." This game is quite colorful on the GBA. Now, The Legacy of Goku will be an RPG/Fighting game which will appear in May.It promises to be as involving as the TV show. They say the story line will be true to it's roots."We're trying to stay really true to the license and produce something that fans will be extremely pleased with." Goku's adventures will be in sagas, including the Saiyan, Namek, and Frieza sagas. This game will surely have DBZ humor and insider jokes aimed at fans. "An epic digital soundtrack that you can fully enjoy only if you hook up your GBA to a surround-sound audio system!" Paul Rinde, Senior Vice President of Infogrames, shared some details for future DBZ projects. There is a two- to three-year vision in the project, such as two more GBA games, aiming at making a trilogy, yes, a trilogy of The Legacy of Goku. Hopefully, I and many fans will be pleased in the first game. Also, a GameCube DBZ game, somewhere in 2003, "The GameCube game will be a much bigger, enriched product that any of the GBA series', and it will also enhance the gameplay of the GBA games," says Rinde. The GC game will be an action/adventure RPG game. But just like The Legacy of Goku, it will be one-player title. It will enable you to play over 30 DBZ characters! Also, Rinde says that transferring info. from the GC to the GBA version will actually enhance the gameplay in the GBA games. PS2 owners will also get there hands on a DBZ game this fall. Although, it will be completely different then in the Nintendo games. Rinde explains, "The level of complexity will be much bigger, it won't be part of a trilogy, and it will have its own story line. It will be an action/adventure game with a significant number of fighting elements." It will have over 30 playable characters also and have a multiplayer fightfest! Quite exciting I might add. I mean hey, my far off cousin Tenyuki and I (Tenyuki and Seano, which Seano is me, are our online names) are planning to most likely get these games. Continuing on, when Sony has their online strategy complete, it means a network that's up-and-running, the game will then support between six to eight players who will duke it out. There is also an Xbox version planned for 2003, "the demographic of the Xbox right now doesn't fit real well with Dragonball. ....unless the hardware base is expanded and Xbox demographics broaden." And the PC will have a DBZ game, too. Rinde says it will be a first-person action game and is planned to release at the end of this year in time or the holidays. GamePro says, "with a full lineup of Dragon Ball Z games due out for just about every system, Infogrames is poised to take the series to the next level. Clearly the buzz about Dragon Ball Z will be here for the long haul -- in fact, it has only just begun."

I am glad to own a ps2, now that the game which sounds best is coming to ps2

1/28/02: Currently, I am excepting tow-three more affiliates, so if you want to affiliate , hurry before time runs out.
1/27/02: Finnaly, i uploaded a new rom, so head over to that section to check it out, its super botuden 2.
1/27/02: I want to add a tag board, but i dont realy know how, so if you wanna help, email Me
1/27/02: I got a new counter, so all my stats start from the very begining now. I am goin to put up a video section soon, and im still lookin for fan art, and fan fics so sendem my way
1/25/02: I just wanted to let you all know, stats4all sux. The image dont show up, the thing dont even count hits anymore, you can read about it on their site, im gettin a new counter.
1/25/02: I put up the link me section under the heading "the site" over to the left, check it out to get the codes for my buttons if you wish to link to me.
1/25/02: Well, i got some bad news, this was not my decision, this was the decision of insane dbz, theyve asked me to drop them due to problems with the site.Kinda sux cause they were one of my favs.
1/25/02: Hey guys, I just wanted to let you know that I got a new affiliate, which I feel is a REALLY good site, ANDROID UNLIMITED. Click on thier button over on the affiliates section to visit them. Also, i am fixing my network layout right now.
1/24/02: I just wanted to let you know, that the network is now open, and you can join it starting right now, i just want to let you know also, there is a slight proplem with the layout on the right side, it wont show up, but i will fix that in a few days.Click on this button to go there. Also if you have fanfic or fanart, send it to Me
1/23/02: Ok,listen up because I got two important things to tell you.

1. I would like you all to PLEASE take the time to visit my affiliate Eternal Goku by clicking on this button.Eternal Saiyans The reason I ask this of you, is that right now they`re stressing because of hits, and I know they are a good site. If you go there youll read about what there thinkin of doing because of this hits problem, and I dont want them to close. Right now, youll only be able to view there splash, and the news page, because they have blocked the links due to a layout they`re making.

2. I am making a network as you know, and it`s coming much quicker than previously mentioned, right now, youll only be able to see the main page, but if your just curious of the layout, like what its gonna look like, then click Here

1/22/02:Not much news, but i just wanted to let you all know, that in about 2 weeks, that im going to have My Network up and running so ill let you know when it is up, and when you can start applying.
1/22/02:Well, I got a much better button now, thanks to TDS Which is a good DBZ Site, they also have an EXTREMELY cool game for download called ww2k, its awsome, i got it yesterday, think hyper dimension with more characters, new modes, and better graphics.
1/21/02:I joined the GR50 top site, so PLEASE go and vote for me by clicking on their button on the right.
1/21/02:I joined the capsule capsule corp network, click on there button to the right. tomorrow maybe ill join some more topsites.
1/21/02:I joined the TDS Network, go click on the button to the right where it says TDS Network under the picture in the button.
1/19/02: Well, im really sorry, i was about to upload 2 more roms, but the patriots raiders game just went into overtime, and I have to watch this, so those will be up tommorrow.1/19/02:well, it`s 1 in the morning, and ive just been fixing the little stuff that you wont even notice, but anyways, i got a new affiliate, but because im so tired, im only gonna put up the button on this page, then when i wake up ill continue fixing little stuff, and put the button on all other pages to. Their name is Saiyajin Territory. Go to the affiliates side of this page to the right if ya didnt know.


1/18/02: Well, the links for the emulators and roms sections are now working, so head over there, i got up 1 emulator, and 2games, Super Botuden, and Super Gokuden. I have two more that will be up probably tommorrow, so come back then.
1/18/02:I put up links to the emulators, and roms sections, but you wont be able to go thier till tonight, check back in about an hour.
1/14/02:Hey, i wont be able to update after today until the weekend, but then, ill have up an snes emulator, and some roms, until then, check out my new affiliate,which is also a great site, Eternal Saiyens, over at the affiliates section on the left side of this page.
01/12/02:I am now ranked # 14 on the Ichidou Top Twenty go over to the left of this page, and click on the IT20 button to vote for me
01/12/02:I put up the reviews for movie#3,and 4, so head over to the movie guide section to check that out
01/12/02:I got a new Affiliate, Insane DBZ. Click on theier button to the right to go there, trust me, their awesome.

Insane DBZ

Android Unlimited

Eternal Saiyans


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