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My Anime Original Art and Fanart!

What you'll see here.

Sorry that it's all just a bunch of links, but hey, this is the best I can think of as far as something to put my pictures on the web is concerned, but that's okay! I hope you enjoy looking at my page and all the pretty pictures that I have to offfer on it! Yippie! ^____^;

To the Art!

My original RPG (DBZ style) character, Kyuukei.
Kyuukei again in his boxers, Black and white
Kyuukei SSJ!
Kyuukei in COLOR!
RETASU (Alteration)
Retasu in uniform (alteration)
Kakarrotto icon
New character, Griffin Gibson
New character, Mercedes (Mercy) alteration
Mercedes alteration again (WARNING... not totally nude..but getting there, you have been warned.)
Griffin Gibson, all clean and in color
A new Retasu sketch!
New Character ~ Eimei Kakushikoto
Griffin Gibson...teary eyed.
Manny Loughran (my art!)
I support Farfarello! (I made background and edited the image here)
NEW! Paris the J-rock star! (OC)
Rei Tamashii (Cold Soul)
Angelo DelaFonté
Draconious Malfoy
Centaur, Mystique