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Griffin Gibson Clean

These are two pictures of Griff, one of them is the colorized version of his other picture, the other is one that I drew myself. Ask for permission if you want to use that pic at all.

Griffin Gibson

This is a picture that I drew of Griffin Gibson, clean, and off of his drugs. Whee...he's really a good looking boy when he's not completely high. There is a caption that I wrote on it, it reads the following : I was once the one you turned your nose up to. I was once that boy who made you wrinkle your face in disgust. I was pushed and shoved. I was grabbed and groped without a seconds thought. You turned your eyes away. I was beneath you, always. Now I get to turn the tide...for I was so much more. I AM MORE THAN YOU EVER LET ME BE.


Colored version of the picture on the story page. I love his hair in this one. The eyes are actually much more vibrant violet...they look more violet on the picture, but for some reason, putting it up online dulled them...but that's okay.