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Dragon Blood

Rei Tamashii
Business Dragon

(Original artwork copyright to myself, original character concept is mine as well. Do not use image without e-mailing for permission.) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Old as the ages themselves. Rei Tamashii is the embodyment of mankind's worst fears. That a creature not of their comprehention would rise from the ashes behind them and take them over. How appropriate...rise from the ashes. Dragon's ashes. Rei Tamashii is a black dragon... after centuries of skill practicing, he has finally mastered the art of creating for himself a humanoid form, and for the last few centuries, has spent his every waking moment lurking in the shadows and silently taking over the world. His dark desires and lust for power know no comparison, his deep seated love of all beasts great and small save humankind, knows no bounds. Eve more unlimited, his adulation for fine jewelry.