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Lead singer, and guitar for Japanese rock band, "Paris"

Paris is a young up and coming rock star character I created. He's about 21 years old, with more 'spunk' than just about anyone and a voice that could have Camui Gackt himself creamin' his jeans (anything is possible in my imagination, people.). He's got a tough family. Not dysfunctional, quite the opposite. They expected the best from him, and already he's dissapointed them somewhat by dropping out of university to go and pursue his dream of making a way for himself and his bandmates in the world of rock music. A pretty traditional Japanese family really. But finally, when they started getting gigs here and there, making at least a local name for themselves, if not a big multi city name, he got back the recognition and respect that his family used to have for their one and only beautiful son. There was just one more thing that he could do that would jeapardize it all. Let them find out that he's homosexual. (( Character and artwork copyright to myself, Sara Warner. Do not take image without first asking permission. Thanks. :) ))