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Kakushikoto Eimei (Japanese name order)

His name means Brilliant secret...he is a vision of intelligence and mystery. He's a professor at a rather well thought of High School in Japan. Not interested in brainy guys? Well Eimei is no nerd. He's had run in's with gangs and with the Yakuza... so we're not talking your perfectly angelic glasses toting sweetheart kawaii English teacher. Oh no. With mannerisms being what one might call 'aloof' almost, Eimei Kakushikoto is hardly the type to back down from a fight....(if it's something that he sees no logical way out of).. and hardly the type to be spending all of his days pouring over lecture notes. Granted he loves to read, he's a literature buff... he's definately not a nerd. Stunning good looks, and slightly 'cold' demeanor make this man a bit more, 'appealing' to any member of any gender who gives him 'appreciative glances.' But that doesn't mean he's a playboy. Oh no, Eimei isn't at all interested in running around looking for bed company and conquests. Interested yet? Look on, my friend. Look on.

The stoic English Teacher

A colored picture of what I believe Eimei looks like on a daily basis. Ever the one to be called rough around the edges, he's not exactly the type of guy to be seen smiling all the time. But he used to be a pretty 'hip' party cat back in the day. Heh.

Pigtails? We don't need no stinkin' pigtails!

Pigtails. Yosh. He does pull his hair back in those every now and again. This one kind of captures his more...mischevious, 'I'm having a pretty decent day, actually" type look. He doesn't look like this very often, but then, he's not the completely cold and unmoving stone man that some people tend to take him for on first impression. Once again a picture I found online (like the first one) that I took into photoshop and colored to make it look more the way I wanted it to. Hopefully I'll have one up of him that I drew myself soon.