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Satan Never looked This GOOD

Incubus Extraordinaire

(( Character design and artwork is copyrighted to me. Do not take image without first e-mailing me for permission. Thank you.)) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Caine is the embodyment of everything evil. Mischevious and deadly, devistatingly handsome and unconventionally beautiful, this demonic boy is the absolute epitome of every lad and lassie's most erotic dream. His origins and name completely unknown, he is a lewd figment of the imagination, residing in everyone's most passionate fantasies, lurking in each desire ridden dark corner of consciousness. He is the mischievious, demonic angel of lust. Impish in mannerisms, mysterious in both personality and past, Caine is certainly the most alluring little devil you'll ever have the 'pleasure' to come across... and you'll never know bliss as you will with him...should he decide to let you remember it.