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Sweet and Innocent College Boys

Angelo DelaFonté
Freshman at College
Unknown (depends on S/L)

(( Artwork and character concept copyright to me. Do not take images without first e-mailing for permission. Thank you.)) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Angelo is the perfect picture of your average studious young college student. He gets good grades, he concentrats hard on his schoolwork, he lives his life as a young Political Science major looking to break into the world as a sucessful businessman, to become a well known and respected lawyer, or politician perhaps. Fighting for change and an active political thinker, he's your average goody two shoes, sweetheart with a heart too big to allow the word 'no' to come out of his mouth. He spends his free time in the barn with his purebred Arabian stallion, Mephistopheles, Mephisto for short, riding Dressage and keeping his mind off of anything 'naughty.' Innocent to the core. One of those young people who are too nice to turn people down, the type to try always to impress, he'll let you copy his homework if it'll make you smile.