Old Rants and Advice that No one ever Bothered to look at

Greetings, fellow online wanderers. I made this single page in order to not waste all the precious time that I spent on this funky no good site. heheh... I'm not tooo serious. Anyway... this is more merely for my reference really than for entertainment, so... Out with the old, in with the new!

Past Rants:
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Old Intro:
HeeHee!! Got me a webpage!!! That means more of mine endless rantings to you people... Not that anyone's looking... but keep it up I say and make some difference. That's it for now... Be sure to check back when you feel like it...!!!
A big hello to all the web surfers out there!! This page is not officially up yet, but it should be by the year 2010! lol, i'm j/k. Anyways please check out the links furnished on this page... they are linked to a few of my other less successful atempts at making a webpage. Enjoy!

Whoa... haven't been here in a while. Problem is cause for some strange reason my compute won't open angelfire pages... oh whatever... not much to add here anyway... although i do have those neat spam emails... they're somewhat lame... but quite entertaining, nevertheless... I'll add more over the next month though... since I'm that idle...

Hallo! Long time no come! Why no one bother to see this site?? It's my favorite! hahaheheh... Anyway, I'm busy with school and I haven't had too much time to update this site. I have to add up all the advice that I'm likely getting...
I think I'll add a few more emails that I got from old classmates. Yes... they're old already. Life isn't half bad. College life has its ups such as a bit more freedom and simpler time management now that you don't have to factor in family.. but the downs are killers too... barely enough sleep, no tv and most dreadful of all is ... homesickness. Is it cause I'm a girl? Why did I feel like crying the first few nights I was away from home? Why did I actually do it when my family called? Well... anyways, I'm much better adapted now.
My Advice this time?
Keep it up and always look forward towards life and stop wasting time dwelling too much on mistakes. By keeping a better outlook on things, you tend to live longer and we ALL want that, don't we?

No one really bothers to see this site... But I feel that with all the cute pics I put up, it's well worth my time. Being aware that no one actually reads e-mails.. I think it was a shame that no one cared.
The infamous college experience has started in my miserable life. If you think life was hard enough as it was, get ready for another surprise...
Here's my list of current advice:

College Life Advice
  • Be nice to everyone on your dorm floor. You don't know their background yet.
  • Always lock your door!
  • Don't leave ur valuables lying around.
  • remember to do HW!
  • Don't stay coped up in ur dorm like me... "experience the life!"
  • If you bring a computer, make sure u don't spend all ur time chatting, playing games, or surfing. That world is artificial and should neer subsitute reality.
  • Be prepared to spend somewhere between $300-$500 on books... pain in the butt, but you'll need it for doing HW.
  • Clean up after yourselves everywhere you go.
  • Remember to brush your teeth regularly.
  • Remember to eat HEALTHY!
  • Keep in touch with family and friends.
  • take advantage of all the things offered you at college, such as clubs, team and so on.
  • Make sure administation has all your stuff and that ur financial aid info is accurate and up to date. I'm still waiting for my refund check!
  • If you work, don't overdo it. Money isn't that important right now.
  • Try not to sell your books back to the book store. They bound to rip you off. Instead sell back to fellow classmates who will take the course next year. Both of youse will benefit.
  • Never forget where you come from. Don't be ashamed with being different. We all have our good points and bad.
  • When you party, don't get out of there drunk, high and blind... Not a pretty sight...

Ok... so that's it for now. Again, I'm real sorry for neglecting you... but we all have our little stuff to do... peace, man

Long time no see. I added some emails I recieved that I thought were pretty entertaining. Again, I did this without permission so please forgive... Anyway sign off...

Well, it's been a while since I updated this site. I did add another page although, not much on that either. anyways, I don't have much time nowadays, what with finals and APs and the like. I guess I can add some more pics! What do u think? ^_^

Time is sure flying. Seems like it was only yesterday that I came through my high school doors full of hopes and expectations of a new challenge. Boy was I wrong. The school had a crappy environment. First of all, not very clean, and of course bland paint on the walls. We didn't even get lockers! I had to lug around all my books in a gigantic schoolbag and if it was winter, my heavy coat. The classes were basic. If you do the homework and pass the test, that's that. You don't have to participate or suck up. My high school is the pits. I mean this with nearly four years of experience on my belt. The guidance counselors were only there for u if you had a problem and the college office was always pissed at us seniors, cause we can't get things right. I cannot say why the lunch line takes forever to set up. I'm particularily starving by the time the lunch ladies are kind enough to open the doors to the hot lunch line. Another bogus thing is that this term I have lunch at 9:30 am. I would think that that would still be technically breakfast... Well, enough's enough, I'm glad I'm getting out within three months.

My advice to soon to be seniors:
don't be sick like me and complain to a computer
have fun, go hang out
make sure u pass all your classes, it sure suxz if you're staying in high school for an extra 2 months, or even year.
start college search as soon as you need to.
participate in stuff, like clubs and teams, but forget about service because its too late to put on college applications already, and that's the only reason you're doing it.
strut around like you own the school, this is a once in a life time chance.
and finally, go to the graduation ceremony! I mean maybe the prom will be more fun, but the ceremony is suppose to give you closure on this part of you're young life... if you don't attend for ur various excuses, I think you'll regret it. Even if you know it's boring and you hated everyone in the school, it's nice that you can end this with some sort of all together student body ceremony and get to see all those faces you passed in the hallways one final time.

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