Real Name:Shawn Hays
Name(s) on the net:Tuarinn, Jabbu_wakku, Papasmurf
Location: Oroville, California
serial number: 122925
Occupation: Full Time Warehouse Manager At McMahan's Furniture Store in my home town
Height:6 feet, and an inch!
weight:230 lbs.
age:18 years,born 26 of november, 1985.
hair and eye color:Brown.
Favorite Drink: Any lemon lime soda, Water
Favorite T.V. show: Any anime, BattleBots.
Favorite game: Dance Dance Revolution
favorite Books:
1.Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
2.Uncle Tom's Cabin.
3. The Catcher in the Rye
4. Candide
Favorite Hobby: Reading;playing video games; watching anime; playing on the computer.
Favorite Movie: Anything humorous or anime.
Favorite Food: Vanilla ice cream.
Least liked food: Spinach; sour kraut.
Favorite Music: J-Pop, Any electronica, Happy Hardcore.
favorite candy: GOBSTOPPERS!!!!
Favorite website:Look at my links!
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