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i love micheal crichton's books!!! you might not, but try one if you already haven't, you might just like it! Hey, Micheal Crichton Is one of my favorite authors i've read a few of his books but not many. books of his that i've read:( I'll rate these on a scale of 0-5 stars, 5 being the best.)

1.Jurassic Park
Good book, liked the ending. I also liked the part where the T-rex is trying to get grant and the kids behind the Waterfall. I also liked the Flying dino part. Why didn't they have that on the movie. rating:five stars.

2. The Lost World
OOOOOOHHHH, the lost world. great book for being a sequel, i almost think it was better than the first. I liked the part where they had the Baby Dino in the trailer and the mommy and daddy attacked. I also liked the part where the kid figured out the computer system. rating:5 stars

3.The Andromeda Strain
Good book i have to say. I was REALLY disappointed by the ending though, no ending whatsoever. *i won't tell you what it was, that would ruin the story* This kept me reading for 14 hours straight. rating:4 stars.

4. Sphere
Ohh, psychological thriller. I was dissapointed by the ending, but i just loved this book.rating: 4 stars.

5. Congo
i have to say i was dissapointed by Congo, but overall it was a good book.Rating: 3 stars