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This is going to be an active and flowing review of what has to be the fourth greatest game of my age, Kingdom Hearts. Not only was the game immersive, but fun and a great way to waste four days of my life. The only complaint that i can make about it was that it was too easy to beat the final bad guys.

Anywho, on to the stuff that makes it spectacular in my eyes.
1. The game had great graphics, not only that, but the game graphics flowed right into the cut-scenes, which cut right back to gameplay.
2. You get a mix of your Final Fantasy characters, then you get your disney characters. Then, you get those that are a perfect mix of the two gneres.
3. A game where you get to whack stuff with a giant key? How can that not be fun?
Anywho,that's my unbiased review of it.
rating: three thumbs up out of three.