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  This is a shrine dedicated to the one and only purple haired Shampoo from ranma 1/2. She is the best female anime character that I've ever seen!!!! She is soooooo P.H.A.T., (PRETTY, HOT AND TEMPTING)
Top 10 Reasons Shampoo is the best anime girl out there!!!
10.She works in a CAT CAFE.
9.Her weopons are "bonbouries"
8.She can change into a cat!!!
7.She wears very tight clothes.
6.She VIRTUALLY dedicates her life to one person and trying to get him.
5.She can fight.
4.She has long light purple hair.
2.She can change into a cat then back in her birthday suit!!!!!!
1.uuhhh, all of the above!

            When Ranma was in China he accidently visited a village of Amazon Women. (This is Ranma in his girl form.) The Amazon law is that only the strong survive, and if your strong, but not an Amazon, you will be killed. (This only goes for girls.) Ranma makes it to the village just in time to witness a tournament.
        Well, Shampoo wins the tournament that makes her champion, however, Ranma and his father ate her prize,(food) and that made her VERY mad. Ranma challanged Shampoo to a fight so they wouldn't get into much trouble for eating the food. He won and because he was a women at the time; An amazon law made it so that he would have to recieve the kiss of death from Shampoo(Sounds scary, don't it?). Ranma thought he lost her in China, but she found him in Japan. Shampoo attacked Akane because she believed Akane was protecting Girl Ranma, so Boy Ranma stopped the fight and, by mistake, knocked her out. She got up and told Ranma that she loved him in Chinese, then kissed him. Akane, very ticked off, hit Ranma with one of Shampoo's weapons and walked off. Another Amazon law is that if an Amazon Women is defeated by a man in combat, she must marry that man. (How else do you think they are going to breed?) Shampoo is still trying to get Ranma to marry her.

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