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Okay.... Here goes.. I've never done a thumbnail gallery before this, so let's see if it works alright,k?
Also,Unless otherwise stated, i do not know the actual owners of these pictures.. I have no legal right to them, so if you are the maker of one of thes, i'm sorry. Just email me and i'll take it down.

An odd cross-over, the matrix and anime.. this is Neo drawn in anime style.. I don't know who did this, but if you are the one, please send me an email. I got this through Imesh

A neat little picture, Sephiroth with wings.... This will eventually be moved to the video games gallery, but i just have this random gallery on right now.

I'm gonna cosplay as fighter, i just figured i'd post the picture here ^_^

Okay. This one is a Desktop style for you, it's of a naked rei with angel wings..YEAH! anywho, take it if you want.

This is a funny one with some of the characters from Tenchi Muyo as characters from Star Wars..LOL!
;-p I'll get more up later..