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Hullo! My name is Kat (some know me by Kate or Katy) and this is my website. Now, for my boring info. I am 14,in 10th grade, and homeschooled. My siblings are Sarah,Ethan, Hannah, and Jamie. My cats names are Mia and Molly. I live in Texas, which is so hot, but wicked fun. I LOVE Orlando Bloom, hes such a hottie. Just ask my parents. ^_^ They know what my room looks like. My hobbies are singing(I'm trying out for American Idol as soon as I am old enough), playing ddr, and writing (I working on finishing a book with poetry, as well as a novel ). Well, have fun,Check out the links and stuff. I hope you like it!! Please tell your friends to come. Katy/TokyoGal90/Ukyo2

Jan. 2, 2004. Hey all, Happy New years and Merry Christmas! I had a great year, how about yall? For christmas I got a karoke machine, Grease the DVD, DDRMAX 2,DDR play mat, and a PS2, which is kinda everyones. I got mouney of course, which with I bought Karoke Revolution(game), Mad Mestro(game), and will by Underworld as soon as it's out on dvd, on the 6th. Ne years was awsome, there where kids eveywhere in the street shooting off fireworks (the actual ones) from right in front of our house ^_^ it was bloody wicked. Mel couldnt come, but thats ok, Mike, my lil sisters friend, did and we had fun. My sister bought Kindom Hearts, which is really fun, and I'm going to get my hair cut kinda like the one girls in it, long in the frount, short in the back. Its cool. Tomorrow night I'm singing at my church, like, 50 people, but hey, its a start. Oh yeah, I havnt even praticed, lol. What fun. Speaking of church,theres this really cute guy who talks to me. I got one of my friends who knows him tell me more about him, and he seems like the perfect guy. ^_^ Cant wait to see him again, wait-could this be a crush??? Oh great... lol. Well, I need to go do schoolwork, Check out the Quizes and Quotes pages, I added a ton more quizes!! Cyall!!!

August, 17, 2003. WOW! I have a new look! Check it all out! And this website has existed for a year!!

May 22, 2003. Hi! Whatz up! I know I havenít been on forever! Sorry, Iíve been busy, Iíve been writing allot of poems, which you can check out at I have 16 poems ^_^ please read some and review! What else has been going on...? I went to Florida, nearly died being stuck in a car with no computer ^^;;; and I have a boyfriend, and I got new school books, 10th and 11th grade ^____^ (Continued >>>)

Iím going to finish high school ASAP so I can go to college! And then become a singer. Speaking of singing, I'm singing a song now, by simple plan, don't know what it's called though ^^;;;; oh, and GO SPURS GO!!! ^^;;; Donít ask. Well, I'm adding some stuff on here ASAP. Also, my brother caught our micorwave on fire the outher day and i had to go to the hostipal cuz i inhailed alot of smoke -_- i spent about 4 hours in the hostipal, whihc was aboulutly boring. I feel sorry for my mom, i was hyper cuz the nurse gave me a soda, and i was calling people on the cell phone, and then hanging up on them, and writing izzy all over the wall ^^;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; yah, I'm weird, i know it, BUT IT'S THE SQURLS FAULT!!!!!!! THEY TOLD ME TO CALL MARY KATE AND ASLEY AND TELL THEM I WOULD KILL THEM!!! IT'S NOT MY FAULT!! ^^;;; well, i gtg kill them now, cyall later!

Jan. 29 2003. Hi! My birthday was a few days ago, on the 21. I am now 13!!!! For my birthday I got my ears pierced again (so I have 2 holes in each ears now!), and I am going to get blonde highlights soon. I just got over scarlet fever. ~_~ NOT fun. Well, I hope you like my background. I am going to add my poems on soon. I love writing poems and have been writing since I was 6. I hope yall have a Happy Valentine's Day (I am going to FLORIDA!) and I will talk to yall later. See yah soon! Kate!

December 8 2002. Hi! It's Christmas time!!!!!!!!!! YAY!! Try out my NEW poll and Beauty link. Working on backgrounds and such. Check out the beauty junk even if its weird. BYE!!

August 12,2002. WOW! In just 3 days I can't believe how much better this is. I FINALLY got backgrounds to work!!! I just need to find some different music, and I am trying to get a gallery. Well, I do have 3 siblings who also want to get on the computer and a mom and dad who spend A LOT of time on Ebay -_- , so I can't get a lot done that fast, but I will try. Well, bye!!!

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