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History: Leniu had been a young princess for the planet of Lazora when her her dearest friend was taken from her. She was betrothed to the ignorent Daion and wasn't able to choose who she was to marry. Killed off Daion one day with the help of a Demon named Serlana, though Serlana was evil she hated Daion and killed him. Serlana then turned to battle Leniu and lost. Leniu was then sent on a mission to a place called MekoSina. There she found the horrible creatures known as Mekosians that were created from her DNA then named after the planet. While trying to escape the planet she met a Saiy-jin, one like no other. This Silver Haired Saiy-jin was much different, like as if she had met him before. As she approached him they argued at first and then engaged in a huge battle inwhich neither one of them was the victor. It ended up with this Saiy-jin pinning her down to the ground and holding her there. He then realized that he did know her! He was her very Dear Friend Cervantes and they fell in love. Cervantes then decided he wanted to become a Lazorian so that he may marry Leniu and be King of the planet Lazora. They now live happily together on their planet with a five year old son named Kurayuki.

Kurayuki (Age 15)