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My Rp Profiles

This is a site all about my characters that I Rp with. Most of them are all immortal. I can create a character to rp with you. A lot of my characters are Taken mainly by my bf. Yes I have a boyfriend so please don't try any "Weird rping" I do Mature rp but not ADULT with anyone except my boyfriend. Fighting rp is what is accepted.

Leniu (Lazorain)
Raven (Anthro)
Domanatrix (Demoness)
Violet (Kage Lazorain)
Felicia (Anthro)
Zaniu (Mekosain)
Ninita (Mekosain)
Silver (Dragon)
Aiyoku (WereCat demoness)
Jagga (Anthro)
Xantha (Anthro)
Kirijini (Anthro)
Netami (Undead Anthro)

Disclaimer These pictures are NOT mine I did not draw any of them however I have modified some to look like what my characters should look like. Eventually once I am good at drawing again I'll draw how the characters really look. So please do not give me any credit for these pictures they are NOT Mine!