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Becoming Sailor Pluto

How do you become Sailor Pluto you ask? The answer to that question my friends depends on how much you are willing to spend on the outfit. Overall I spent around $285 on my costume and accessories. The materials cost me around $58, the pattern was $20 plus shipping, the Staff of Time from was $55 plus shipping, the green wig (styled by the way) was $40 plus shipping, the accessories (earrings, broach, charm for choaker, materials for the tiara, etc.) were around $15, and other things like thread, boning for the boots, shoes for the boots, and something special for my aunt for making the costume for me made up the rest of the amount.
The first thing was I had to acquire a pattern since my aunt cannot make costumes by looking at a picture. As soon as I heard that, I immediatly knew that I would NEVER become Sailor Pluto. But, I was lucky enough to find a GREAT Sailor Senshi pattern. I bought it and as soon as it came in, it was time to gather my materials. Once I had them bought, I gave everything to my aunt and said "see ya when you're done!"
Thankfully my aunt is a very nice woman and a great seamstress. She made my Sailor Pluto outfit, including the boots, for me. The Staff of Time and the wig came from Setsuna Kou's Specialty Shoppe. As for the pattern, it came from Faerie Fingers. A special thanks goes out to those two people for making my costume a complete success!
Here's a little bit of advice for anyone that's going to make a costume for a convention: make a costume that you think no one else is going to have! I knew there would be other Sailor Senshi, but I have rarely seen a Sailor Pluto. So I went as her! When you go as someone who's rare, you have your picture taken OVER and OVER again! Take my advice the next time you start planning a costume.