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Episode Guide
Lain is a somewhat short, if not profounfly confusing, 
Anime series. The animation isn't bad, and I like the 
sound track. The story line is very cloudy if you skip 
or don't watch some of the episodes. Even if you do 
watch them all, Serial Experements Lain, as I 
previously stated, is profoundly confusing.

Vol. I "Navi"

Layer 01: Weird

Layer 02: Girls

Layer 03: Psyche

Layer 04: Religion

Vol. 2 "Knights"


Layer 05: Distortion

Layer 06: Kids

Layer 07: Society

Vol. 3 "Dues"

Layer 08: Rumors

Layer 09: Protocol

Layer 10: Love

Vol. 4 "Reset"


Layer 11: Infonography Layer 12: Landscape Layer 13: Ego