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Layer: 01 Characters
Lain Iwakura
Lain Iwakura is a thirteen-tear-old, Middle School 
student. She lives in a house with her Mother, Father, 
and older sister Mika.  Lain is very shy and timid.  
She is friends with classmates Alice, Rika, and Julie. 
As the series starts, she shows little interest in her 
"Navi" computer or the wired. 

Chisa Yomoda
Chisa is a student at the same school as Lain.  Her 
actions set the series in motion and have a profound 
affect on Lain.

Alice Mizuki (school friend)
Alice is in the same class as Lain and is eager to help 
Lain escape from her shell. She protects Lain from the 
gentle teasing of her friends Rika and Julie. 

Julie Kato (shcool friends)
She is the emotional one of the trio, but certainly 
more outgoing than Lain. 

Reika Yamamoto (school firend)
Reika rounds out Lain's schoolmate friends. She is 
snobby and very critical of Lain, her behavior, and 
even her clothes.  Even so, she backs down when Alice 
protects Lain.

Mika Iwakura (Lain's Sister)
Mika is Lain's older sister. She is impatient and does 
not appear to have a close relationship with Lain. She 
appears to have a poor regard for "Navis" and the 

Yasuo Iwakura (Lain's Father)
Lain's father appears to be a "Navi" expert. He 
maintains a huge home computer system which occupies 
most of his time and attention.
Miho Iwakura (Lain's Mother)
Lain's mother is a woman of few words.  She seems cold 
and withdrawn and barely communicates with anyone. She 
likes to eat rice.

Myu Myu, Taro, and Masayuki
Myu Myu, Taro, and Masayuki constantly hang out at 
Cyberia, the hottest new Hardcore Tecno night club. 
The're all very into Navis and the Wired. Myu Myu is 
some what of a hot-head, Taro, in my opinion, is a 
little pimp, and Masayuki is quiet and smart( He also 
looks stoned but whatever).

J.J. is the DJ at Club Cyberia. I think he sends Lain a 
voice-mail in one of the episodes of "Navi". He's not 
really that important, but he seems to know the Wired