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The Wired is newly open... No Matter where you are, 
we're all connected. Can you handle it?

03-16 of 02 I haven't updated in a while... Anyway, I added info on the soundtrack to SEL, and hopefully will have mp3's and lyrics soon! I added the opening song to the idex, and chainged the image at the top... 'sitE NAVIgator' coming soon, because I don't want to do frames...

03-03 of 02 New month, new page! Layer 05 is now up and running with links and a 'Link The Wired' section. Please E-mail me links to your site, with or without a banner, or 'Link The Wired' to one of your sites.

02-28 of 02 (later still) I added my own search engine. Hope you like it.

02-28 of 02 (later) Just added Layer 04 with some pictures and an animated gif. Not much, sorry. E-Mail me your SEL fan art!

02-28 of 02 I have added Layer 03, messed with the marquee at the bottom, and put a gif into the first table! More soon...

02-27 of 02 I added a section where you can sign Lain's Navi, or view what other people have writen. Only Layer 01 and 02 are up, and there are few pictures on either layer.

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